Hello world!

Today has been a combination of exhilirating and nerveracking because I knew the second my eyes opened that today would be the start of my 30 day blogging commitment!

I woke up early (considering I had no school today, waking up at 8 just seems wrong!) and decided to gym it earlier than originially planned.  I had made plans to meet Amy at 10, but I knew I was going to be getting my blog in order and I wanted to start my day ASAP, so I went at 9ish.

When writing about my weights I want to just put it out there that my gym buddy Amy and I often make up our own names for what we do.  I am positive that there are technical terms for what we do, but our made up names work perfectly for us!

Today was Cardio, Abs, and Back.  And my workout was as follows:

Cardio: 35 minutes on the treadmill (my legs were exhausted after leg day yesterday!)

Abs: (3 sets of 10-15) leg lifts, windshield wiper w 2lb medicine ball, front and side planks (1 minute each)

Back: (3 sets of 10) seated row, reverse fly, and pull downs.

When I got home from the gym I got started setting up this site.  The name was challenging and I was checking in with Amy and Jack every two seconds with possible titles.  Amy ultimately came up with “Want.Believe.Achieve”.  It was perfect and I want to give her a shout out for her help- thanks lady!

After I spent some time setting things up I was definately ready for some food.  I met my best friend (since second grade) Kristin and her son (my Godson) Nicholas at Bertucci’s.  I had a delicious glass of reisling with my margherita pizza (which was super soggy-ewww) and then met Amy for another glass at a local restaurant.

At the restuarant this guy and girl sat next to Amy and I immediately noticed the guy- it was one of the Andelman brothers from Phantom Gourmet.  I wasn’t sure at first but when I heard his voice I knew for sure (which was weird because I thought it was his TV only voice).  I watch the Phantom Gourmet every weekend so I was stoked to see him in my neighborhood!

When it came time to order a second round we were informed that (according to city ordinance) we were not allowed to order a second drink without ordering AND EATING food.  The bartender suggested dessert since I informed him I was stuffed from dinner.  Then Andelman offered to buy Amy and I dessert! So sweet! (We must’ve looked like we needed another glass or we looked like we were having so much fun he couldn’t bare to see us leave!)  But the bartender was a complete buzz kill and told us all he’d have to “watch us eat” our dessert before he could serve us another glass of wine. WHAT?!

If I was a more advanced blogger (I will get there trust me)  I would’ve been in Andelman’s face asking for pictures and stuff.  He better watch out the next time he is in town!

Anyway, tomorrow is the end of my mini-vaca. If you ask me it came at the perfect time (MCAS starts next week).  Ya know, I could get used to this mini-March break sandwiched between February and April break…

Peace out


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