“Fine Dining Doesn’t Count When You’re Wearing a Charlie Brown T-Shirt”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I LOVED today!  I mean, how beautiful was the weather?  It was much-needed after the weekend of rain.  I actually felt really bad for the people who had to work on this wonderful holiday (in Suffolk County at least) known as Evacuation Day.  Let’s not bring up the fact that not a single fourth grader in my class could tell you what Evacuation Day is, a day off is a day off right?!

Anyways- I woke up pretty early again- around 8 but I wasn’t in a rush to do anything.  After cleaning up around the apartment for a bit I made myself some oatmeal with bananas and strawberries (MMMMM) and got ready for my second outdoor run ever (there was no way I could run on a treadmill on a day like today!).

The Lake I ran around was somewhere a little over 3 miles.  I looked up the distance on the Internet but I guess it depends on what path you take around.  I ran the sidewalk the entire way around the lake, which I will call an even 3 miles.  It was a great run!  And I finished it in just under 30 minutes!

See! Under 30 minutes!

Besides the BEAUTIFUL weather, my music really pumped me up.  I had done a ton of research the morning before my first run about types of music people run to and I found that you can use the BPM (Beats/Steps per Minute) a song has to help pace your running (somehow I don’t think it is that easy but it must help!).  Thinking back to my spin days, I remember the music matched our hills and flats perfectly so they must’ve used BPM too!

I used the website jogtunes.com to find some songs that I could run to at the pace that was comfortable for me.  I searched for songs based on what I usually listen to when running on the treadmill (which is usually Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, etc).  Turns out (according to the site) hip-hop tunes are the best ones to run too ( I knew I was on to something!)

Here is my March Running Playlist:

  1. Hard/ Rihanna ft. Jeezy                                             97 BPM
  2. Meet Me Halfway/ Black Eyed Peas                        126 BPM
  3. Human/Killers                                                             136 BPM
  4. Sober/ Pink                                                                  183 BPM
  5. Put it in a Love Song/ Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce        187 BPM
  6. Imma Be/ Black Eyed Peas                                        184 BPM
  7. Rock Star/ N.E.R.D                                                     186 BPM
  8. Break Your Heart/ Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris              ? sorry!
  9. Read my Mind/ Killers                                              132 BPM
  10. All These Things that I’ve Done/Killers                 118 BPM
  11. Walk On/ U2                                                                     ?

If you’re interested in finding songs that match your pace check out their Hint page to help you put a playlist together.  I am sure there are days when you feel “more hardcore” when running so having a bunch of playlists might be a good idea!

Moving on with my day….

It is St. Patrick’s Day, and I am half Irish so I headed into Boston with my brother and my Auntie Erin.  First stop, Kennedy’s Pub for a beer.


and to listen to some Irish music courtesy of the band below.

The Coolest Job EVER!!

I am telling ya, in my next life I want to be one of those guys!  We paid a $5 cover to watch them sit around a table, drink Guinness, and sing songs no one (including them I am sure) knew the words to!  Their music did the trick and put us in a festive mood so no hard feelings here!

LUNCH TIME!!! We moved from Kennedy’s to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for their restaurant week menu.  The waiter and staff looked less than thrilled to see us (you know, the type of people who jump at the chance to eat 3-courses there for $20) and sat us in a room with three other tables of people who are as “ghetto” as us.  They even came in and shut the shade to “get the sun out of our eyes” but didn’t adjust the lighting to accommodate the change so we basically ate in the dark!  We got their point!

The food was FANSTASTIC (as it should be for such a fancy pace).  I had a glass of reisling (I am on a white wine kick), a salad, filet, and mashed potatoes.  Oh, and I also tried some of Erin’s creamed spinach, it was so creamy and yummy!  After I was fed I was in much better spirits (we all know I need to be fed to have a personality).

After lunch we met up with Jack for a few beers!

I may be taking this camera thing a little to far...

DEFINITEly taking the camera thing a little too far!

Haha, I am getting used to taking pictures regularly!  We are so cute!

Right now I am trying to make some home-made Blueberry pomegranate Granola.  It smells so sweet and cinnamon-y and I can’t WAIT to try it in my yogurt at snack time (yup, I eat snack with my kids).  Tomorrow it is back to life, but I am looking forward to a two-day school week and counting down the days until April vacation (hey, whatever gets you through, right?)

Peace Out



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