Guess who didn’t SPRING FORWARD- MEEEE!

As you could probably guess, I changed all the clocks in my house except my alarm clock.  In my own defense, I did make a mental note Sunday (when I was changing all the other clocks) that I needed to change my alarm clock by Wednesday (since I had a few days of school off) but totally forgot (like I knew I would) to do it before bed (ooopps).  Luckily I had made my lunch and fixed my snacks before bed (which I don’t usually do) so all I had to do was shower and go….

Snack and Lunch...mmmmm

My new favorite beverage- sparkling water!

Oh, and that reminds me….It is so weird to have Thursday be your Monday (those of you who have had the pleasure of this know what I mean). Even so, it is still so mind-boggling to me that while sitting in my Thursday common planning session I suddenly panicked at the realization I had lunch duty today…except I didn’t because I have lunch duty on MONDAYS and today is Thursday.  What a relief!  I mean it’s not too often when you mistake a Thursday for a Monday!

I am loving the spring weather and am planning on enjoying every single second of it.  This girl has spent a lot of time complaining about the cold and rain so it would be ludacris (is that how you spell it or is that just the rapper’s name, IDK, but you know what I mean right- CRAZY) if I wasted any of these days sitting around like a lump on a log.

"Pink sky at night, sailor's delight..."

Which brings me to more important things- like working out (duh)! I am in love outdoor running at the moment and hope if you see me running you will give me a beep.  I find this SHOCKING because that is the number one fear that has kept me from running the last 28 years! (It actually happened yesterday and it wasn’t so bad after all)  Right now running is so new to me that knowing I was able to do it this afternoon really got me through the day (of course the sunshine did help a tiny bit too!).  I imagine that outdoor running must always create the “get you through the day” feeling because, unlike the treadmill, you can change it up everyday.  Unfortunately I am completely unsure of how to change it up (HELP!).  I am a creature of habit and tend to stick to things I know until I am absolutely SICK of them (all the food I eat falls into this category, but we will talk about that another day).  And one thing I never want to get SICK of is running- I WANT TO BE A RUNNER!

Today I decided that I didn’t want to run the Lake for a second day in a row (for the reasons stated above) and decided I would find another route to run.  PROBLEM!  I don’t know how to do that, so I did the only thing I could think of: drove around town until I drove just over 3 miles- and then I had another running route (that’s two if you’re keeping count)!

still working on the picture thing...

The run was different than the Lake because there were some small inclines, some gravel paths, some wet sidewalks (flooded basements must not be fin when you are a home owner), and trash bags that added a little spice to the run (it kept me on my toes). OH- and the biggest difference- I had to cross streets!  Luckily whenever I came to one the light on my side was red so I didn’t have to stop and wait for someone to let me go (I hope I am always that lucky).

The run went so well that I decided to improvise my route mid run (yes, on my third outdoor run ever) to make it longer.  It was so nice out and I actually ran until nearly to the end of my  playlist.  All in all it was a great run, but I have no idea how far it was!  All I know is that I ran for 33 minutes and ended up with a ton of questions I NEED answers to, please!!


How do you decide when to run, where to run, and how long to run?

Do you just go out and run until you don’t feel like running anymore?

How do I develop goals as a runner? Like, is it more important to run faster or longer (or both!?)?


When is the right time to sign up for a road race? How long should your first one be?

(I want to do it for the experience.  I am NOT looking for a first place finish-yet! I’m just looking to get out there and do it!)

Ok folks, I didn’t mean for this post to be all about running, but that’s where my head took me!  I am heading to the gym to meet A in a little bit and do Day 4 weights.  See, I go to the gym to do a four day cycle of weights (that was January’s 30 day commitment, Success!).  The first cycle was developed for us by A’s brother and then after like 6 or 8 weeks we researched new exercises to switch it up.  You can bet for sure I will talk more about that at a later date!

Final thought- my granola decieved me with its sweet smell last night.  I was inspired to try it after reading some other blogs but it was not the culinary success I hoped it would be (I probably did something wrong).  It was sweet, but sticky and soft, not crunchy like granola should be.  I think I didn’t spread it out on the pan enough for it to get toasted??  Oh well, better luck next time!

Peace Out



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