Spring had Sprung (and I am welcoming it with open arms!)

Morning peeps,

I was so psyched to hear the birds chirping and see the sun shining through my blinds this morning.  Last night I drove a 4 mile route around my neighborhood that I can’ t wait to run it in a little while.  I had such a great afternoon (and evening) last night that I didn’t have a chance to blog about yet, so let me fill you in now….

It was so nice to wake up feeling energized on a Friday.  Usually by Friday I feel so low on energy, but the combination of having three days this week off and the 70 degree weather kept me in good spirits all day!

After school I met up with Amy and took the T in town.  We got off at State St. and walked over to Newbury to do a little shopping.

Anyone lose a pair of shoes on Washington St?

The weather was so nice and Newbury St was hopping with a huge variety of people.  Nothing beats people watching this time of year, ya know- the weather is warm, but it is only March so people generally have no idea what to wear.  Can you wear sandals?  Tank top? Skirt? Dress?  (you get my point) or is it too early in the season?  I know for sure I was overdressed for the weather.  Since I headed straight there after school I was in my “teacher” clothes: a purple gap sweater and jeans and heavy black clogs (not very warm weather friendly!)

After a little shopping we stopped for a glass of wine to wait for Maureen (Mo) to meet up with us.  We went to No 29 Newbury (not #9 Park like I told Mo, sorry Mo).  The place had a small outdoor patio that was full (and I think you had to order dinner to sit out there) so we grabbed some seats at the bar.  The bartender was nice (until his friend’s showed up) and gave us a try of some white wine I had never heard of (and will never order- it was nasty).  We met some guy who had chopped the tip off his finger making risotto (my favorite!) and instead of going to the hospital, bandaged it up himself.  He said it had been bleeding for the past two days.  I don’t remember what he was drinking but I hope it was something STRONG!  I love Boston!

I had a cold and crisp glass of riesling-or two 🙂

Then we walked over to Beacon Hill

A few weeks ago Jack and I did a similar walk around Boston and he took me to Figs in Beacon Hill.  I have been dreaming of their pizza ever since!  Since we were in the area I thought it would be the perfect place for dinner.  It is a pretty small restaurant and when we got there it was packed.  Fortunately for us, they were waiting for a reservation for 3 and if they didn’t come we could have their table!  I was super bummed when they showed up BUT when only two of them showed up we got their table anyway! (Woo hoo for a 5 minute wait).

Dinner was DELICIOUS:

We ordered the four cheese pizza

I had a piece of bread with their dipping oil we doctored up with parmesan cheese

Ordered a bottle of Riesling for the table

The pizza was crispy and cheese-y and fabulous. (I did take a picture of it but I deleted it! Ooopps, I am still getting used to this!)  It is a rectangular pizza that is served on an upside down baking sheet.  I had two pieces with crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese (I also at the crust or two off the pieces we weren’t taking home).  I was STUFFED!  Thank goodness I had a long walk to the T station after dinner.

We walked back through the Commons so I could see if anyone realized they lost their shoes on Washington St. and guess what…

Still there!

I am ready to take 100% advantage of the warmer weather, so Mother Nature I promise I will not bad mouth you anymore as long as you keep giving us bright sunshine and warm temps!

Peace out



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