Sunday Funday?

Morning sunshines!

I can’t believe that it is Sunday already!  The weekend does really go by way to fast.  I know a lot of people really like “Sunday Funday” and I do too, but every Sunday around 5 I realize that my weekend is coming to an end and I get that feeling of dread knowing that the weekend is over!  For those of you who don’t get that feeling (I am super jealous) I can compare it to the feeling when you got in elementary school, after the Simpsons or America’s Funniest Home Videos was over, when you know you’ve got to go to bed because you had school the next morning.

I woke up today (after leaving my windows W I D E  open) freezing cold but motivated (what happened to the warm weather Mother Nature?).  I made Jack and I some breakfast:

I made blueberry chocolate chip pancakes

(the plain ones are for Jack)

and some cheddar cheese hash browns


Yesterday, I went out for my run shortly after my last post and I was feeling super excited to run 4 miles.  I have been running 3 miles on the treadmill and outdoors so I am definitely ready to try to run longer.  When I started, however, it was not as easy as I thought it would be.  First off, the weather was warmer than I thought and I think I was a little overdressed (I was wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt).  I also lost my energy pretty quickly (felt like I was running on empty).  There are 3 reasons I can think of that made the run so tough:

  1. I did not hydrate.  In fact, besides the wine from Friday night and the coffee Friday morning I hadn’t had anything else to drink.
  2. I did not eat enough.  I had a bagel and cream cheese but must’ve needed more.
  3. Tired!  I was up at 6 and my eyes felt heavy. On top of that my legs felt hollow 😦

Good news is I pushed myself to run for as long as I could.  I wanted to run long enough to give my body enough time to warm up, then ran a little more.  The new route I plan is a larger loop stemming off my 3 mile route so when I got to the path that continued the 3 mile loop I thought about taking it, but I really wanted to try the 4 miles so I kept going.  I went in and out of feeling energized enough to keep running and that feeling got me to run about 3.5 miles.  I stopped and walked the last half mile.


I got back to my apartment in just over 44 minutes, which is about an 11 minute mile.  Though I wished I made the complete 4 miles running I am not upset with my time because I listened to my body. And now I have a new goal:  run a complete 4 miles.

QUESTION:  When I run 4 miles should I try to run 5 miles?  or run 4 miles faster?

How often do you run each week?

After my run I stopped by the cute farmer’s stand in my neighborhood.  They set up shop 3 days a week all summer and sell fresh vegetables and fruits CHEAP!  I got a pint each of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries for $5!  Blueberries in the stores themselves are $4, what a deal!

They also give some recipe ideas for what you buy!

Last night I went out to celebrate my friend Mo’s birthday.  We went to a restaurant called “Church”.  The decor  and concept of the restaurant was so cool!  Lots of candles and dim lighting gave the dinner a real mellow vibe and their drink list included martinis named after each of the 7 Deadly Sins.  I was not feeling very daring so I stuck with my current favorite beverage:

Riesling (yum)

The menu was a mix of small plates and entrees that were organized according to how they come from the Earth (from the sea, from the garden, from the farm, etc.).  We got a Margherita flat bread for the table as an appetizer.  For dinner I ordered mac & cheese “from the Garden”.  The pasta was kind of mushy but it was topped with crunchy Ritz crackers so that made up for it.  And for dessert we got the peanut butter pie that had a pretzel crust (I am so stealing that idea!).

(kind of blurry, sorry!) Flatbread

Mac & Cheese

Peanut Butter Pie

Nuns with guns!

After dinner we headed over to Jerry Remy’s new bar “Jerry Remy’s”.

It is brand-spanking new and still smelled like paint and hardwood floors.  There are huge TVs everywhere and a view of Fenway that can’t be beaten.  Take a look:

The back of Fenway

the other half of the view..

We had a couple of beers and watched a basketball game

I have made an executive decision to give myself this wonderful Sunday to relax.  Usually I start with Day 1 weights on Sundays but, again, I am going to listen to my body and give myself a day off.  I have lots of laundry to do, have to go food shopping, and I think I am going to try a new recipe for dinner (I haven’t found one yet, but I will)!

Peace out



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