Where’s the sun?

Where did the sun go that I enjoyed so much last week through the weekend?  It seemed to me today that my energy disappeared with it!  I woke up SUPER tired this morning and my energy level didn’t rise all day 😦

Since I hade no meeting after school I got to meet Amy at the gym early! On my way I had a Kashi bar that was chocolate coconut and it was the perfect pre-workout pick me up.  It also helped knowing that I would be there right after school, as opposed to after 6 when it is PACKED (I thought New Year’s Resolutioners would’ve quit by now!).  I LOVE early gym days 🙂


I started my workout with a 45 minute run.  My legs were a little sore and I really didn’t feel like running but I convinced myself I could stop if I could get through 30 minutes (knowing that when I got to 35 minutes the last 10 would be a piece of cake).  I think I am already bored of the music on my playlist too, which didn’t help keep my mind off the fact that I didn’t want to be running in the first place. NOTE TO SELF: download new music!


After my run it was off to weights.  Like I’ve said before I am on a 4 day schedule of weights and cardio.  Today was Chest/triceps day.  I do three sets of each exercise with 10 to 12 reps but don’t do them in any specific order.  WARNING: I don’t know the formal name of any of these and my explanations might be confusing!  I can show better than I can tell….

triceps 1: Laying down-over head- tricep  Using a 20lb straight bar and laying down, hold the bar straight up in the air.  Bend you arms so the bar almost touches the ground by your head (not on your head, be careful!) and lift.  These always make my arms feel tired and tight- love it!

triceps 2: triceps Dip  Using a bench, legs straight out, arms on bench behind you slightly bigger than shoulder width apart. Lower your body by bending at the elbow (hold for 2 breaths) and then straighten.

Chest 1: Hug-a-Tree on and Incline Bench  Laying on an incline bench and holding two free weights with arms wide, bring arms in front of your chest with left over right (arms should look like you are hugging a tree), bring back to start, repeat with right over left.  That is one rep.  (these HURT)

Chest 2: Chest Press  I use the chest press machine for these ones.


I ended my workout with a killer ab workout.  I alternate calves and abs within my four-day workout plan (so I do two days of each).  I also change-up my ab workout every two weeks or so- I love to feel the burn!

AB 1: Side Plank/ Dip- In side plank, dip hip to touch the ground.  Do 10 reps each side.

Ab 2: The Ryan- Using medicine ball, lay on floor, arms stretched over head, feet straight out.  Hold medicine ball in hands, crunch up nd bend knees at 90 degrees, place ball on legs.  Now bring legs as close to floor as you can (without touching it) and stretch arms over head.  Balancing ball on legs, bring them back to 90 degrees and take ball with hands overhead.  Thats 1 rep.  Do 10.

Ab 3: Oblique Twist with medicine ball- lean back about 45 degrees and cross legs in air to balance.  Take medicine ball in hand and touch the floor on left side, bring ball with arms straight, to the right side.  Thats 1 rep.  Do 10-12.

SORRY! A lot of workout talk today, mainly because that is what I do during the week: go to school, go to the gym, eat dinner, and sleep.  I am not complaining though, especially about the gym because it is my number one stress reliever.


Since the day was so rainy, damp, and cold I decided Panera would be my best bet for dinner.  I love their french onion soup (no cheese or croutons) and got two bowls (which I strained when I got home- chunks of onions? EWWWWW).  I ate both bowls with a crispy piece of bread and a diet Pepsi (fountain soda diet Pepsi, the best kind!)


Rainy Mondays are not the easiest to get through but I made it!  Bright side? 4 more wake-ups until the weekend!

Peace out


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