A little bit of rain never hurt anyone….

Today I woke up to the sound of pounding rain, which is the perfect weather for a lazy Saturday, but not a Tuesday.  I got a great night’s sleep after falling asleep around 8 on my couch and I definitely didn’t want to get up!  It isn’t too often that I sleep straight through the night.  Part of the reason I slept so well probably had to do with the fact that I had no energy yesterday and still pushed myself at the gym (my chest and abs are sore today, what a feeling!).  Today was a big day in the life of my fourth graders (and their teachers): it is MCAS Long Comp Day!  We have been working since January to perfect our paragraph writing skills and writing 5 paragraphs is no easy feat.  My kids have been working on overdrive to prepare for today and I have 100% confidence that they will all do amazing!

I packed my breakfast and lunch this morning too.  Usually on Sunday I plan out what I am going to have for breakfast, snack, and lunch all week (and I usually eat the same things all week for each).  This week I have been starting my morning with a Wonderful Waffle Sandwich which I make with two NutriGrain waffles (toasted til crispy), smeared with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and a half of a banana sliced in three lengthwise.  I eat the sandwich and the other half of the banana when I get into school.  It is delicious and filling!

At snack time I always have yogurt and have just recently found that I am in love with vanilla yogurt.  Today I sliced up some strawberries and blueberries and added them to the top of one cup low-fat vanilla yogurt- man was it good!  I basically licked the container when it was done.  Some days the yogurt completely fills me up, today not so much.  I was still sooooo hungry.  My kids had apple juice and Nutri-grain bars (brain food) as a special snack and I so wanted to snag one of each but I didn’t.

I had some blackberries too!

Since it is almost three-quarters of the way through the school year, I have completely lost interest in all things sandwich/salad related. Ham, roast beef, turkey? No thanks. I can’t stomach the thought of cold cuts!  Last week the warm weather inspired me to have some fresh veggies with ranch dip for lunch: cucumbers and carrots dipped in Martinelli’s individual sized ranch cups.  Great idea!  Except today I completely forgot the ranch dressing (FAIL!) and I had to eat just plain, old carrots and cucumbers.  Trust me, this girl wants to eat healthy, but not that healthy.

Today was a straight cardio day at the gym.  Before I headed there I tried to put together a new playlist.  I wasn’t feeling like I really wanted to run, but I hate taking days off at the beginning of the week (I enjoy my Fridays off).  With that being said I decided I needed a playlist with lower BPM’s than my original March Running List.  I imported some Coldplay CDs and downloaded a few new songs from itunes.  The songs weren’t as motivating as I’d hoped they’d be, but I did finish the 45 minutes I set out to run!  Woooo!

Some New Songs I downloaded:

Rude Boy            Rhianna   (I am LOVING her music while I run!)

Run                      Snow Patrol

Closer                  Ne-Yo

Perhaps my motivation came from the fact that I was meeting Jack for dinner at Reginas when I was done.  I started with a garden salad with ranch dressing (no pic, sorry!) and we split a large half cheese, half pepperoni pizza.


I had two slices of cheese with a TON of crushed red pepper on top.  It hit the spot!  The waitress brought around a dessert tray ( I’ve never seen them do at Reginas) which made it hard to skip dessert.  Jack said my eyes lit up when she brought it to the table.  I love chocolate, but passed.

Now I am home wondering how it already got to be 9:00.  I have been planning to be in bed since I woke up this morning and I am psyched it is about that time to finally hit the hay.

Let’s hope for a sunny day tomorrow!
Peace out



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