What a Pleasant Surprise!

Wow! As I sat down to start typing this post I couldn’t believe that it was already 2:52 in the afternoon.  I usually like to get a head start on typing during my prep or before school but since the second I got to school at 7:15 I have been going, going, going.  I literally didn’t even get a chance to use the bathroom until 12:30 (and I had to go since 8).  I run a tight ship so I guess that is the price I have to pay sometimes 😉  Plus side? It finally stopped raining (what a pleasant surprise!).  The sun is pretty deceiving though because when we went out for recess I was expecting warm weather, and it was cold!

I started my day out with my new fav waffle sandwich made with Nutri-grain waffles, peanut butter, and banana (in an attempt to not get sick of this amazing concoction I am committing to finding a new breakfast for next week).  I also had a medium mocha iced-coffee with skim milk from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Greatness in the making...

Snack was low-fat vanilla yogurt with blueberries and strawberries.  Today I was daring enough to put the blueberries on the bottom, layer some yogurt, add strawberries, and top off with yogurt.  It was a perfect solution to my usual situation of eating all the fruit then having a bunch of plain yogurt left to eat.  This way each creamy spoonful would have some sweet berries, all the way to the last scoop. H E A V E N!

For lunch I really changed it up today (haha).  I had a Lean Pocket 4 Cheese Pizza Pocket with some Special K tomato basil crackers (they complemented my pizza pocket so well).  I love the Special K crackers, but didn’t try this flavor until recently.  I had bought a box and they somehow found their way to the back of my snack cabinet.  Finding them this morning was a PLEASANT surprise!  I finished off my lunch with a juicy pear.

Do you want to know the BEST part of today? I RAN 4 WHOLE MILES, OUTSIDE, WITHOUT STOPPING in…get this..37 minutes!  37?! Woooooo!  It was the same route from Saturday that I didn’t have the energy/stamina for, but today I ran the WHOLE thing!  In my hurry to get running, I clicked on the stop-watch on my itouch but didn’t hit start (I took a picture of the 0:00 to show you, ooppps!).  I did happen to look at my cell as I was walking out of my apartment and it was 4:00 on the button and after my run I looked at my itouch and the time was 4:37!  That’s 37 minutes right?

The wind was blowing pretty hard and for the first 2 songs I was quite chilly (and my nose was running, and my eyes were watering, and my hat almost blew off several times).  After songs 3-4 I really got into a groove.  I decided that I would be running the Harpoon 5K in June so I pictured myself running in a race the entire 4 miles.  I figure if I can get good at running 4 miles then I can work on my speed a little (and easily run 5k).

Oooppss.. won't make this mistake again!

Anyway, I have a few theories about what motivated me to run today:

1) The unexpected sunshine

Since it has been raining I have been Captain Gloom and Doom so I just assumed it was going to rain forever.  I gave up on watching Dylan on channel 7 because it was so depressing.  When the sun started coming out I got instantly happy.  I wasn’t even planning on running today (I was going to do the elliptical at the gym), but boy I am glad I did!

2) Food that sustained me throughout the day, and a small snack before my run.

You saw what I ate throughout the day, add in a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut fruit and grain bar 10 minutes before you run and you’ve got yourself lots of energy!

3) A Mixed-Up Playlist

I doctored up my March playlist with the new songs I downloaded yesterday and carefully changed the order of the songs so the BPM would mesh (I’m getting good at this).  It was just enough of a change to keep me interested through my run and the songs with higher BPM (160-180) had me running faster than ever!

The plan for tonight is to meet Amy at the gym.  Today is Day 2 since I didn’t do weights last night, and Day 2 is leg day.  I am going to reserve the right to complain for a minute because we made our leg day HARD, really hard (but we can only blame ourselves).  Actually, I find the exercises I hate the most on any weight day are the ones that hurt the most (and those are the ones that gets results!).  I already anticipate not being able to walk up/down the stairs tomorrow, but you know what the say-no pain no gain.

Enough about me, get out there and enjoy the sun!

Peace out,



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