Saggy Pants and Sore Legs

Saggy Pants

OK, so I have been on this mission since October.  You know, the “Get Healthy and Be Fit Mission”.  It has been challenging finding a perfect balance between being healthy (eating and exercise-wise) and living a happy, fun life (it is something I am still working on).  Between then and now I am about 15lbs lighter and 3 sizes smaller.  I have finally begun to get rid of the chub that hangs over my jeans and the flub that hangs under my arm.  It took 28 years, but I finally have a body I am comfortable in!

When I started losing weight I tried to get away with wearing my fat pants for as long as I could.  Someone (who shall remain nameless) called me out and basically said I looked like I was swimming in my clothes.  I thought that since the clothes were baggy it would make people notice I lost weight, I guess it had the opposite effect!  For the next few months I was on a jeans buying mission like no other (I still haven’t bought any work clothes that are an appropriate size but I’m working on it).  All the while I held on to my fat jeans, scared to give them up “in case I need them again”.  To make it clear (if it isn’t obvious) I don’t want to ever need them again. And aside from the fact that they were limited edition Gap jeans I wondered why I had a hard time giving them away.  Did you ever have a hard time giving away ill-fitting clothing?  Why do you suppose they are so hard to get rid of?

Sore Legs

Just as I suspected yesterday my body was super sore and SUPER tired today.  The soreness makes my legs feel fantastic though.  After school I did make it to the gym for Abs and Day 3 weights (Back) but I felt like I was running on empty.  Sometimes I hear my body telling me to take a day but I don’t listen (today being one of those days) and it ends up being an unproductive workout.  Oh well, it happens to the best of us!

My unproductive workout did have an upside: it inspired me to cook dinner.  It isn’t often that I am done with my day at 4:30 during the week so I decided to cook for myself.  I went to the store and bought all the stuff to make Spicy Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese only to get home and decide I wanted to make risotto.  Even though Easter is next week and I am planning on making my famous homemade arancini (which uses this risotto as its base) my taste buds told me the risotto would hit the spot.  I even added some asparagus and lemon juice to give it a little kick.  Ahhhhh, so delicious (I am actually eating it as I type this post).  Cooking is also my favorite way to relax so I poured a glass of Cabernet, threw on some Herbie Hancock music (perfect cooking music), and got started.


4 cups chicken broth

3 tblsp butter

3/4 cup finely chopped onion

1 and 1/2 cup Aborrio rice

1/2 cup parm cheese

In a medium sauce pan bring the broth to a simmer and keep over low heat.

In a large, heavy sauce pan, melt 2 tblsp butter over medium heat, add finely chopped onions, saute until tender (but not brown).

Add rice, and stir to coat with butter.

Add 1/2 cup simmering broth at a time to rice and stirring until almost completely evaporated.  Continue adding broth 1/2 cup at a time until the rice is tender and the mixture is creamy.

Remover from heat and stir in parm. cheese and the remaining tablespoon of butter.

Everything else I ate today is going to be completely put to shame by my dinner, but in case you are curious:

For breakfast I ran out of waffles (bummer) so I had to resort to my old standby: the bagel.  This is a Thomas’s Bagel Thin, everything flavor, with 2 tablespoons Philadelphia cream cheese and sliced strawberries.  It was also a large ice coffee kind of day so I had a large mocha iced from Dunks. Oh, and don’t forget the banana!

Today, for the first time in a loooonnngg time, I had NOTHING planned for lunch.  I was in panic mode while rummaging through my fridge and cabinets.  I finally decided on some pizzas made with Pepperidge Farm Thin rolls, a few squirts of Contadina pizza sauce, and a small pinch of cheddar jack shredded cheese.  They were not as filling or as satisfying as I hoped they would be, but whatever.  I also had a pear.  Does anyone have any fun lunch suggestions that don’t involve cold-cuts?

Dessert tonight will be Haagan-Daaz coffee ice cream.  I am not an ice cream lover but for some reason I am craving it (and spent more time in the ice cream aisle deciding on the flavor than I did in the gym today).

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday, and even if the week seemed to fly by, Friday never comes fast enough!

Peace out



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