The race to thirty is on….

Happy Saturday! and Happy Birthday Jack!  Now that you are 29 I can officially say the race to 30 is on, and you will definitely win!

I woke up insanely early for a weekend (6:45!) and couldn’t fall back asleep so I started my day pretty early.  Today is actually a great example of how far I have come from my beginning gym days.  I had planned to gym-it then head to Jack’s to spend the day with him since he had to work tonight, and ended up skipping the gym to have some lunch with his family.  Two months ago I would’ve said no to lunch in favor of the gym, woo hoo for finding balance!

Anyways, we went to a local place called The End of the World Tavern, which was pretty cute from the outside.  The menu was your standard pub food: burgers, wings, sandwiches.  For an appetizer we ordered some wings (I had a couple dipped in buffalo sauce) and spicy chicken quesidillas (I split one with Jack).  For lunch I ordered a pesto chicken sandwich that came on toasted bread with brie and was served with fries.  Unfortunately our service was so terrible that my meal was never put in! The kicker? When I asked the waiter where my food was (since the other 7 people had already gotten their meals) he said I never ordered it!  Huh, imagine that? I am not one to believe the customer is always right (I did waitress for a couple years myself) but to tell them outright they are wrong is a whole other story!  in the end he did check the order and realized that he never sent it in, and with no apology, brought the sandwich out to me a few minutes later.  The sandwich was OK but they served it with some potato salad that I don’t eat (I ended up waiting half of Jack’s fries).  I didn’t even bother to take any pictures of the food because I was pretty irritated (tip: never let Lisa get hungry!).  I mean, this time last year I was still waitressing part-time after school and I usually excuse bad service, but this was beyond what I have ever experienced before!  The upside was the good company I had while eating.  The table was full of conversation and laughs the entire meal.

After lunch we came back to Jack’s place and I poured myself a glass of white wine which I had forgot I left in his fridge (SCORE!).  I brought my book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” to read this afternoon.  I just finished chapter 2 which is about her begging her parents for a Cabbage Patch Kid.  It made me laugh out loud a few times, especially remembering that my Cabbage Patch Kids Jackie and Eileen are still in my closet at my parents house.

For the rest of the day I am going to do nothing at all.  After the wine and a little blogging I suspect I will take a nap.

How do you handle terrible service at a restaurant?  Does it depend on where you are eating or do you expect all service to the same whether it is an expensive steak house or a whole in the wall pub?

Until later



3 thoughts on “The race to thirty is on….

  1. i would expect repsect either way… why would one person not order food?! BUT i do think that the highering criteria at different restaurants would be different… so probably should expect different service….

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