Monday, Monday

Ah Monday…it never seems like I get a chance to miss you because you always come so damn fast!  Rainy Mondays are the worst, especially because I did not have a great sleep at all this weekend!  I was up Saturday and Sunday morning before 7(that really should be illegal).  The upside to waking up early on weekends is not being jolted awake with the sound of the alarm clock, but it is somewhat worse knowing that my body woke up so early on its own.  I mean, I couldn’t get out of bed for the life of me THIS morning, why was it so easy yesterday?  The only thing that makes you tolerable today is the fact that it is a short week.

I am happy to say that despite the sleepiness the rain brings I DID make it to the gym after family math night today.  I made it to the gym long enough to run 4ish minutes and decide that today is not my day.  Luckily Amy and her brother (my fitness guru) Aaron were at Reginas.  That was reason enough for me to leave the gym, he is visiting from Montana after all!  I had a couple beers while they ate pizza.  Then I went home to make myself some Velveeta Mac and Cheese.

I added in some jack-cheese to give it a kick!

Yesterday I celebrated Jack’s birthday with his parents and his brother.  Per his request I made Mojito Chicken and baked potatoes.  I think I woke up so early in anticipation of all the prep work that goes into the meal: the potatoes needed to be brined for 2 to 8 hours then cooked at a much higher temp than the chicken, and the chicken needed to sit with the dry rub for 30 minutes then marinate for a couple of hours.  I also was making a big salad, rolls, and I had to tidy up the house a bit.  And before you think I am complaining about cooking- I AM NOT!  I love entertaining (especially while I am cooking), but the problem is that I am so methodical about how and when things need to get done that I sometimes lose sleep (in a good way!?).

I woke up at 7 and switched on Food Network, SCORE!  Giada was on and her whole episode was about cooking with lemon, I LOVE the flavor of lemon in food.  I got a great idea for lemon-smashed potatoes that I can’t wait to try.  With Giada in the background I brined my potatoes (soaked them in salted water) and de-goobered my chicken (haha, that’s Lisa for took off all the weird fatty parts).  For the potatoes I accidentally read the recipe wrong and liberally coats the skin with salt and garlic powder BEFORE I baked them, instead of after.  The result was amazing!  A nice crispy, flavored crust with a mushy inside- these “bomb bakers” are a must try.

blurry, oops!

While the potatoes soaked and the chicken marinated I had some cinnamon roll oatmeal and decided to gym-it  I had planned on taking Sunday off, but after missing Saturday I was dying to sweat it out!  I ran for 50 minutes on the treadmill (which is now so boring compared to outside!).  I skipped weights and opted to stop at Starbucks instead.  I got a grande skinny vanilla latte, iced..mmmmm!

When I got back I started cooking the potatoes and the Mojito Chicken.  Let me tell you, the first time I made this chicken I remember the feelings the aroma brought:  they inspired me to sip Corona and listen to Jimmy Buffet (despite the fact it was pouring rain and freezing cold).  This chicken is definitely my definition of summer.

is this the scent of summer??

The food was fantastic!  If you check out the recipe it may seem really involved and includes some spices/ingredients that you may not have available (I got them cheap at the Christmas Tree Shop).  Jack’s mom brought me a delicious bottle of Pinot Grigio that I sipped while I cooked, ate, and chatted after.  I finished my meal with a small piece of vanilla cake and a scoop if ice cream!  It was a perfect birthday celebration!

Peace out



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