Tuesdays are like Vanilla ice cream

I always said that Tuesdays are like vanilla ice cream.  It is no one’s favorite flavor but if it is all you’ve got people would have a scoop anyway.  That is exactly what today is like for me, it may not be the weekend but it isn’t Monday, so I can’t complain.  I had a super long day because it was day 1 testing of MCAS reading and the rain just made the morning drag.  Good news is I got to talk to a colleague about my blog (I’ve been putting it out there to test the waters and see how people react) and I got an idea on how to organize my About ME!! section.  I did have a chance to start getting it written so hopefully I will be able to work on it this weekend and get it posted by Monday!

Rewind to Jamaica for some Warm Weather Thoughts..ahhh

As you could see from my previous post, I have Ray ADD and got side-tracked in my day.  Also contributing to this ADD is the fact that my bathroom ceiling is leaking and was told by my landlord not to turn on my bathroom light until it stops raining.  With all of this nonsense happening at my self-scheduled gym time of 4:30ish my early gym day turned into a late gym day.  I didn’t get ready to go until 7 (but I went nonetheless!)

anyone else jot their thoughts in a journal?

Skipping the gym yesterday really limits the choices for my other skip day this week (which is why I try hard not to make Monday a skip day).  In assessing the activites and such I have going on this week I really couldn’t not go today.  Here is my plan:

Monday- Skip (4 minutes on the treadmill doesn’t count)

Tuesday- Cardio/ Day 1 (Chest) Weights/ Abs

Wednesday- Tomorrow night I am going to the Celtics game and have a meeting after school so I am going to give going in the morning a shot. The plan?  Get to gym at 6 a.m. to do Day 2 (legs).

Thursday- Outdoor run/Day 3 (Back) Weights (and a wedding shower for three lovely brides I work with, I love my cowworkers!)

Friday- Outdoor run/ Day 4 (Shoulder) Weights (dinner with Kristin and some last minute Easter shopping for Nicholas)

Saturday- Off (hmmmmmm..what to do??)

Sunday- Outdoor run (got to work up an appetite for all that Easter candy I plan on devuring all day)

Before the gym I had a Luna Protein Bar cookie dough flavor, it was delicious and chewy.  It gave me plenty of energy through my 30 minutes run but I tarted to get a little shakey as I started abs.  By the time I got to the end of my weights I was completely drained- and it was almost 9:00.

pre-workout snack

post workout snack

My verdict on late night gym is as follows:  it will do if it is my only option but if I had my choice, I’d rather do it earlier in the day.  So far my favorite gym time is 10ish in the a.m. because the day is just starting, I have enough time to sleep in a bit and eat breakfast, and then I have the whole day ahead of me.  Most importantly- the gym is empty, and I heart an empty gym a lot!

Trying an early a.m. gym sess. tomorrow so I gots to be gettin’ to bed peeps,

Peace out



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