A wonderful wednesday!

So I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because I had such a busy day!  I woke up extra early to hit the gym, had school, then a meeting, then headed in town to catch a Celtics game.  I left my house at 5:30 a.m. and didn’t get back until almost midnight.  What a fun night though!

My day started with an early gym session.  I have been told working out that early give you incredible energy for the day.  I also like the prospect of not having to find time to get to the gym after school.  I am still undecided about whether I would incorporate it into my daily workout schedule.  Here is what I think:


  • The gym was pretty empty.  I didn’t have to wait for a treadmill or any machines/weights.
  • I got it “out-of-the-way”, leaving my afternoon open for whatever.
  • It gives me the option to get to the gym no matter what I have going on in a day (more flexibility).
  • I am a morning person so after my body adjusts to waking up a little early I can get more done in the morning (giving me more time to nap in the afternoon!).


  • Wake up an hour earlier which means I have to get “packed” the night before.
  • I have to pack work clothes to change into the night before and make my lunch.
  • It kind of puts my workout on a time constraint because I know that I have to be at school around 7:30 (just because that’s when I like to get there, I am a morning person).
  • The smoothie bar wasn’t open yet, and I am dying to try a smoothie post-workout!

I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill while listening to my ipod and watching the news.  It was a tougher run than normal because even though I ate oatmeal with a half of a banana for breakfast, I felt low on energy.  It was dark out, but birds were chirping so it was kind of weird.  I don’t think my body actually woke up and realized it was working out until I was more than half-way through my run.  I also did Day 2 Weights (legs). I didn’t like that I felt kind of rushed when doing the weights because (in my head) I needed to be leaving for school by 7 so I kept watching the clock, which stressed me out.

All in all I think that it is something I would give a shot again, possibly try to hit the gym in the a.m. once a week to see if I can get into the grove.  I didn’t feel like I had much more energy throughout the day (an ended up with a pounding headache by lunch) but that could have to do with the fact that I went to the gym so late the night before?  I am also told I need to hydrated more pre and post workout (ugghhhh, I am not a fan of having to drink water).

When is your ideal time to workout? Why?  If you workout in the morning, what is your routine (the night before/morning of)?

I stopped on my way to school and got a medium mocha iced coffee with skim milk at D.D.  I took one sip and wanted to spit it out- there was so much chocolate syrup in the coffee that it was thick and gritty- ewww.  Less is definitely more when it comes to liquid flavorings!  I didn’t drink the coffee (come to think of it, maybe that is what gave me the pounding headache…hmmmm).

Gross coffe=no caffine= headache!

Luckily we were having our monthly breakfast at school, hosted by the kindergarten teachers.  There was a schmorgasboard of food: Kaine’s doughnuts, Bagel World bagels, fresh fruit, banana bread, cheese and crackers…I made myself a plate of fresh fruit (pineapple and strawberries) and a bagel (I ate the whole thing!).  On the bagel I spread half with light cream cheese and the other half with light STRAWBERRY cream cheese (OMG, my first time having it, and it was soooo tasty).

Strawberry cream cheese may be my new obsession

Later I met Amy, her brother Aaron, and Mo at Hurricane O’Reilly’s for some pregame beers and food.  We split an order of nachos to start (no picture, but I bet you know what nachos look like).  For dinner I got chicken fingers and waffle fries, both of which I dipped in honey mustard.

I had quite a few draft beers throughout the night...

At the game we had a few more beers while watching the Celtics lose (I’m not surprised, any sporting event I got to ends up with our team losing, sorry Celtics fans!).  It was actually a close game!

Mo, me, Aaron

Amy, Aaron, Mo, Me

Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand granades

After the game we headed to Bell in Hand.  It was finally not raining and was perfect weather for a stroll into Faneuil Hall.  The fresh air felt great!  It was also nice to walk off some of the beer!  We ended up talking a lot about working out (shocking, I know), I was trying to pick Aaron’s brain because he knows a ton about muscles and stuff.

Today I am going to go for a run outside (Hello Mr. Sun, I’ve missed you tons!) and later I will heading out for some fun with friends from school (have I mentioned before I love my coworkers!)  Until later…

Peace out,



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