April Fools!?!

Hey there!  What a wonderful day this turned out to be!  I took a personal day since I haven’t taken any this year just because.  My intention was to go for a run, do some baking, and relax.  I haven’t got to the baking yet but I did head to Traders Joe’s to pick up some new and different snacks.  I am also going to be picking up the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan because I have been thinking about what I have been eating and feel with warmer weather coming soon I’d like to start eating differently.  Blog posts on that subject to follow..


I sipped on this skinny-vanilla-latte as I shopped

My delicious new goodies (I kind of want to open them all now and have a taste of each)!

Anyway, it was a good day to take off  for a few reasons:

1) it is attached to an already three-day weekend

2) the weather is finally not rainy!

3) a few of my fourth graders mentioned today being April Fool’s Day.  Now, in 7 years of teaching I haven’t had a kid mention April Fool’s day, nor try to play a trick on me, but I am glad not to have to take that chance today.  I am very happy to not even have the possibility of dealing with that!

Have you ever played an April Fool’s joke? Have you ever been the victim of one?

With that being said, my world has been playing a few tricks on me.  Let me share:

The Weather

I woke up at 8 and it was darkish and dreary and it was kind of breezy too. It was not the day I had planned for, and while it was nice to have the day off, I was cursing Mother Nature for not giving me the sun and warmth I was promised.  APRIL FOOLS!  The sun came out and brought me out of my funk (and hangover!).  I have the sun, I have the warmth, I am a happy girl..


I decided that I was going to run the Harpoon 5 miler that is coming up in June.  Mo and Jack are running it too!  I am really excited to do it this year (last year I cheered Mo on from the sidelines).  I have been using this race to mentally get me through some of my runs when I am feeling to tired, it really have been a motivator for me.

Registration began today at 12 and I put it in my phone as a reminder. They are only accepting 2,000 runners, and since I have never signed up for a race before, I was assuming everyone was waiting like me to be one of the first registered to assure my spot.  I sat on my mom’s computer and then mine and kept getting error messages.  I was freaking out at the thought that it was full already!  When I finally made it to the page it said “registration will begin on April 1 at 12:00”.  It was April 1st at 1:30, WHY CAN’T I GET ON?!

APRIL FOOLS!  Mo got an email that the site crashed so they postponed registration until tomorrow at noon. Phew!

My Body

Ok, so in being 28 I have recently come to the realization that late nights with greasy food and lots of beer doesn’t usually end up with me feeling lovely the next morning (I almost never would admit to being hung over, but this is me admitting it for the second weekend this month!).  I woke up planning for a 6 mile run (2 loops around the lake), but had sore glutes and hamstrings from weights yesterday and a slight tired/blah feeling. Chelsea Handler describes this feeling perfectly in her new book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (pg 39),

“The next morning I woke up at eight thirty and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I knew myself well enough not to get up and start being productive.  I was thirty-four now.  I was a long way from when I first started drinking…and would wake up the next morning super early with a false sense of energy.  Then two hours later, I’d be exhausted, thinking, Why the f*** am I in a canoe?”

That basically sums up the run I had two weeks ago, you remember, the 4 mile failure?  This morning I had the same feeling as that day and I didn’t want to have a terrible run like that again.  I had convinced myself to take the day off and did some errands, despite feeling like a blimp. APRIL FOOLS!  I got sick of feeling like a blimp (I am really trying to work on negative body talk) and decided to do something about it.   I knew a run would really make me feel great.  I took my time getting ready for the run (I want to make sure I keep doing runs for enjoyment, not because I feel obligated), stopped by my parents house, and was finally ready to go around 2.

Not bad!

I was in a more mellow mood than previous runs and switched up my playlist by adding in some slower songs.  I was not in the mood to be yelled at by my usual choice of songs!  I added some Keane, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, and Death Cab for Cutie.  I kept Rihanna in there because I love running to her!  The result?  I ran my 4 mile loop in just over 38 minutes!

When you are thinking negative things about your body, what do you do to motivate yourself so you can change the situation? We all know that complaining and feeling bad about ourselves doesn’t get us anywhere!  Deciding to run today really put me in better spirits!

Getting ready for tonight’s festivities, which involve good food and wine!  Hope you are all enjoying the warm weather!



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