What is the Origin of Motivation?

Good evening everyone!  What a beautiful day we had on our hands!  It feels like spring has sprung here in Boston!  YES!  A while back I promised myself that I would make the most of the nice weather because I complained so much about the cold, rain, snow that winter brings.  Today was no exception.  I actually slept in this morning (I got up at 10:30!) which was a sure sign to me that today was going to be a good day!  I stayed out late (for me) again last night celebrating the recent/upcoming weddings of three coworkers.  I work with the best group of people.  About 25 of us gathered to eat, drink, and celebrate.  For food there was an array of sandwiches, calzones, salad, chips, and veggies.  For drink there was some read and white wine and Amstel and Bud Light.

I nibbled on some chocolate covered pretzels (this nibbling continued straight through the night, mmmm) and sipped an Amstel Light while I waited for others to arrive.  When everyone made their way to the buffet table I sampled the veggies and dip and two calzones: italian cold cut (spicy just the way I like it) and spinach and cheese (I was paranoid it would get stuck in my teeth).  I went back for seconds and added a handful or two of Doritos (they are a weakness) and grabbed another beer.

favors! so cute!

When I woke up today I wasn’t hung over but I felt so full from eating and drinking so much.  Someone once described the way I felt perfectly, “The morning after I drink I’m always convinced none of my clothes fit and I am always shocked when they do!”  That “clothes won’t fit feeling” really motivated me for my run today!  For brunch (I ate breakfast really late today) I had two packages of cinnamon and spice oatmeal mixed with a half of a banana.  I gobbled it down so fast!

I had planned yesterday to run the Lake twice, a total of 6 miles, but in the light of my body playing tricks on me I decided against it.  I didn’t really like not being able to make the full 4 miles I set out to do a few weeks ago, and since then I have tried to listen to my body to see how far I could push it.  Today was my day though and I pumped myself up for the big task.  I am still trying to figure out where my motivation to run comes.  Let’s think about my run today.

I started out running the first loop of the lake pumped to run 6 miles.  6 miles just sounds like a lot but like I said above, usually if I set out to do something I am able to get it done.  So I started the first 3 mile loop and in no time my right shin was stinging.  Now this happened to me while running on the treadmill Wednesday and I had read somewhere that this is a sign of going to fast/doing too much at once, so I slowed down.  The first loop went by SO S L O W.  I mean it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with my run and I thought for sure I wouldn’t make it the whole 6 miles.  In my mind I was trying to convince my body that 3 miles is plenty for today but as I came to the end of my first loop, my legs didn’t stop.  Weird!  No matter how hard I tried to say “Stop Lisa, you don’t have to run anymore”, I kept going.  I felt energized and my shin wasn’t hurting for the second loop.  This is another example of me listening to my body- it was “telling” me I could get this run done!  The second loop seemed to fly by and in just over an hour I finished my first 6 mile run!

my run time and post run snack (and drink!)

This bar is 100% natural and it super soft and chewy. It definitely hit the spot!

Who knew something so natural could taste so yummy?

I assume that motivation to run come from personal goals you make as a runner.  Currently I have two thoughts on where my motivation from running comes at this point:

1) A starting and ending point.

I think that my first loop was so tough because I knew that I had to run the entire lake one more time before I would hit the 6 miles.  All I could think about was how much more I had to run.  I think that as a runner I definitely do better when I run one continuous loop as opposed to either running without a route or looping the same route again.

2) Being able to say “I did it”

I loved being able to tell people who I finished 6 miles.  Not many people I know are avid runners so I think they appreciate how far 6 miles is!  The people who are runners are supportive knowing that running for an hour without stopping is a huge accomplishment!

Where does your motivation as a runner come from?  What “conversation” do you have with yourself to keep going when mentally you feel you can’t?

For dinner I got to meet up with Kristin, who I haven’t seen for what feels like forever!  We went to a whole-in-the-wall italian restaurant near my house.  I had a couple of pieces of bread and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc before my meal.  The food was so amazing.  I started with a crisp garden salad topped with their house balsamic garlic vinaigrette.  For dinner, I got the Eggplant Villinase with home-made gemelli pasta.  The eggplant was fried and layered with mozzarella and ricotta cheeses then topped with marinara sauce.  It was m first time (I think) that I have ever had fresh past and it was such a difference.  It is so much more tender than regular pasta and it complimented the marinara sauce really well.

I ate half of the eggplant and pasta and brought the rest to my mom and dad!

After dinner we stopped in Target to get my Godson, Nicholas, some last-minute stuff for his Easter basket then we headed to the liquor store for a bottle of wine each to take to Easter dinner.  I suggested Kristin try the pink Polka-Dot Riesling because it is so delicious and I got myself a bottle of Pacific Rim Riesling.  Then I dropped her off and headed home to get some of my baking out-of-the-way.

I don’t know how I made it through this entire day without taking a nap but I did.  Now I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.  My legs are still sore from Leg day and now that I ran the passed two days the are telling me they need a break!

Until tomorrow



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