Lisa and Jack Take Boston

Why hello there!  As I am sitting to write this post it is just about 10 o’clock, my how time flies!  I was up early this morning to hit the gym before my hair appointment.  When I woke up my body was feeling so tired.  It wasn’t very sore, but I really really REALLY didn’t want to get out of bed!  When I did I made myself some breakfast.  I had 2 Nutri-grain waffles with a sliced banana and some strawberries that were kind of tart but tasted really good when mixed with the maple syrup.

After breakfast I headed to the gym to do Day 3 Weights (Back) and Day 4 Weights (Shoulders).  I had to combine the days because the week seemed to get away from me somehow and here it was Saturday and I hadn’t gotten all my weights done.  I can’t remember the last time I have had to do weights on a weekend because I usually get them done by Thursday.  Oh well!  Anyway, here was the workout:

Back: Reverse Flye, Cable Pull Down, and Rows

Shoulders/Biceps: Shoulder Press machine, concentrated bicep curls, curl using a straight bar, and one more I can’t think of right now!

My workout today was less than stellar: energy wise I was on point but motivation wise I was off.  When I got to one of the final exercises, the shoulder press, I moved my neck the wrong way (ouch!) and it has been hurting ever since.  Ughhh!  Maintaining good form is so important while working out (and it prevents injury) and obviously I wasn’t being careful enough.  I know it is because I just wanted to get it done and move on with my day.

After the gym I got my hair did.  A cut and color can make you feel like a whole new woman!  I love the citrus smell of the clarifying shampoo they use at James Joseph Studio and the fact that they massage your head while they shampoo and condition your hair!  It felt so relaxing!  I got a modified version of the “Selena Gomez” cut I got 8 weeks ago and I love it!

Since the weather was so beautiful I wanted to take advantage of it so I headed to Charlestown.   Jack and I walked from his house through Charlestown and into the North End where we read every menu on Hanover St. to find a tasty place for appetizers.

We ended up settling on Fiore because they have an outdoor roof deck.  Plus side: it was outside and they have delicious sangria.  Downside: their apps. were very fishy (and I don’t like seafood one bit!).  I had one glass of sangria while basking in the sun and we headed to the waterfront.

We decided that Joe’s American Bar and Grill would be pretty safe for the pub-style apps that we were looking for.  The wait was pretty long for a table but it was our lucky day and we got seats right at the bar without having to wait!  I had a glass of Chateau St. Michelle Riesling and a huge water.

We ordered three appetizers to munch on: pan-fried mozzarella, chicken quesidillas, and bruschetta.  The mozzarella was lightly fried and served over a zingy marinara sauce.  I had half of a half because it is Jack’s favorite appetizer of all time.  The quesidllas were made with salsa, chicken, and jack cheese.  The cheese was spicy and gooey. I had two of those.  For me the most disappointing app. was the bruschetta.  It was a mix of tomatoes and marinated onions with fresh mozzarella cheese served over a piece of bread.  It was drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette. Unfortunately I was picturing the crispy individual baguette so when this mushy piece of bread came out I was a little bummed.  I did try it, but Jack ate most of it.

With full bellies and the sun still shining we decided to walk through Faneuil Hall to take a look in Border books.  Then we walked passed the Common and decided to hop on the T back to Charlestown.  I was tired and needed a nap.  I felt like I had spent the day at the beach- you know kind of groggy and just plain burned out!

Around 9 we headed to Reginas to grab a pizza before I came home to make some risotto for my arancini I will make tomorrow morning.  I had a diet Pepsi with lime to drink and it hit the spot!  I also had a salad with ranch dressing and one slice of cheese pizza.

My recipe for risotto calls for one small onion, which I knew I had in my fridge.  I by the 3lb bags of onions to just keep there in case I need them.  Well, I am not sure how long this particular bag has been in my fridge but I am guessing too long!  When I picked up the onion and squeezed it it was mushy and then it kind of popped in my hand.  WOW!  Not a yummy smell 😦 .  Jack is my life saver because he just went to Shaw’s to grab me one onion!

Looking forward to an 80 degree day and the delicious food tomorrow will bring!

Until then!



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