Happy Easter!

Last night I spent a better part of the evening preparing the risotto for my arancini that I was making for my mom.  It is a long process because you have to constantly stir the aborrio rice and add the chicken stock in a half cup at a time.  Usually I love to zone out while cooking, but sometimes it does seem like a chore to me.  Last night it felt like the latter. I needed to start it last night because it needs to cool in order to add the egg, stuff them with cheese, and roll them in the breadcrumbs.  I finished the mixture around 11:30 and tried to no avail to get to bed but all I seemed to do was toss and turn all night.  Ughhhh, I HATE having a bad night’s sleep on a Saturday night.

I did wake up around 8, even with a terrible night’s sleep, to get ready for my run.  I knew that a morning run would give me some energy and get me hungry for a full day of eating! I had a chocolate peppermint Luna bar before my run and headed out to do the 4 mile loop around my house.  I finished it in just about 38 minutes.  I have never run in the morning before and enjoyed it because there were not many people out and it was still cool out.  During my run my right shin was still burning- does anyone know why?  or what I can do to stop it? It is annoying!

After my run I fried up my arancini and headed to my grandparent’s house for an Easter morning visit.  We stopped to buy some flowers before heading over.  Every year my Nonni picks a room to hide envelopes for my brother and me.  I swear I am the only 28-year-old who still searches for Easter goodies!  The best part is I always find mine before my brother, and then I find his too (next year I’ll have to start charging a finder’s fee)!


When I got back to my parent’s house I was ready to eat.  One of my favorite things to do is eat the skin off the turkey when it comes out of the oven.  I drench it in salt and it is so fatty and salty and DELICIOUS.  My mom swears that this year the turkey cooked so long the skin fell off- I don’t think I believe that too much!

a bald turkey 😦

Hi Brendy, hope you like my blog!

For dinner I had some turkey and mashed potatoes with cranberry sauce. I also had some broccoli with melted Velveeta cheese and crumbled Ritz crackers.  Oh, and stuffing! I love my mom’s stuffing!  (I forgot to take a pic, oops).  For dessert I had a toasted chocolate chip cookie (made by yours truly) and a small piece of Oreo cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (also lacking a pic!).  I also enjoyed a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio that my mom picked out for me.  It was very light and tasted great while sitting in the sun with everyone.  I can’t believe the wonderful weather we have been having!

Coming into the next week I am hoping that the warm sunny weather persists.  I would like to get in 3 outdoor runs this week and incorporate stretching into my regular running routine.  I am not exactly sure what stretches to do and if you do them before or after a run, or both.  I would also like to step up my weight days because to take my body where I know it can go I think it needs a shock!




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