Muscle Memory and Pet Peeves

Good evening friends!  Today was such a crazy busy Monday, especially in school because of my personal day last week.  I always have to spend the day after I’ve been out checking the work I left and making sure the kids actually did something!  When my kids came in this morning I had my back to them and one called out “Who is that?  We have a new substitute.”  Then I turned around and the poor kid looked like a deer caught in headlights! I guess my new ‘do makes me look like a whole new woman!  A few other kids did sigh when they saw I was back- NICE TO SEE YOU TOO KIDDOS!

Foodwise today I felt like I could have eaten everything under the sun, it was like I had a hallow leg, but nothing hit the spot!  I didn’t take any pics of breakfast or lunch because it was pretty much the usual: waffle sandwich, yogurt, turkey sandwich, yadda yadda yadda.  I even brought extra snacks to hold me over until after my meeting but it wasn’t enough food.  I do know that I was actually hungry, not bored, because I was feeling slightly grouchy and my stomach was growling.  It is important to listen to your body and recognize signs of hunger- you need to give your body what it needs!  Especially since I was gymming-it I wanted to be sure I had energy!


After school I met Amy at the gym for Day 1 Weights and abs.  Weights today were chest and triceps.  Also, in my last post I said I was ready to push myself more to get the results I want, and I started that today.  Today we started working our muscles until failure, as opposed to a set number of reps in each set.  From what I understand, when you first begin a new exercise your muscles have to work extra hard because they are not used to the movement.  As a result, your muscles fatigue faster than they would a routine exercise.

For instance, when we began this chest cycle a month ago, our hug-a-tree exercise using 10lbs was NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to make it to 10 reps.  Now, about four weeks later, 10-12 reps is do-able, but I am also not as sore as the first few times.  AHHHH, MUSCLE MEMORY!  To help get that “I-am-so-sore-I-can’t-lift-my-arms” feeling I kept to my 10 reps and then continued to do as many more reps as I could until I felt like I literally couldn’t do one more.  I am still trying to recognize when I don’t want to do anymore as opposed to when I am PHYSICALLY NOT ABLE to do more.

Post-gym sunset!

The workout was good but yielded three gym related PET PEEVES:

  • When big muscle men load up a machine with a ton of weight, grunt and sweat through their set, then up and leave without clearing the machine!  I am not saying I am not able to clear the machine myself, but I’d rather not clean up after you! SO CLEAR OFF THE MACHINE JUST LIKE I DO WHEN I AM DONE!
  • When I want to use a set of free weights (mostly the 10, 12 or 15lbs) and I can’t find a set on any of the three weight stands!  When you take a set of 10lbs weight from the rack at the front of the gym, put them back where you got them!  Don’t add them to the rack nearest you that already has a pair of 10 pounders, and MOST CERTAINLY do not leave them on the floor next to a full rack!
  • When the gym has the heat on so high that two minutes into a cardio session you are already sweating.  It makes treadmill running just THAT MORE unbearable!  I don’t mind sweating, but I’d rather not do so standing still in a 100 degree gym!
  • (This is a running pet peeve but fits here)  When I am running and there are people who either: walk in the middle of the sidewalk and make you go around them, walk in the middle of the sidewalk while pushing a baby stroller and make you go around them, or walk in the middle of the sidewalk, pushing a stroller, AND (yes and) walk their dog AND TAKE UP THE ENTIRE SIDEWALK.  Right now I am just not coordinated enough of runner to deal with these types of obstacles midrun.  Let’s face it- I pretty much sound like an elephant with asthma when I run (I am still trying to get my stride and breathing down), these people KNOW I AM COMING FROM A MILE AWAY! GET OUT OF MY WAY!

What are your exercise related pet peeves?    and do you have any suggestions to help me breather while running or make me lighter on my feet when I run (or is it normal to sound like an elephant with asthma)?

After the gym I headed to Panera Bread because I was dying for something I couldn’t put my finger on (again, my hollow leg).  I ordered the half soup and salad, mmmmm.  I got a bowl of french onion soup (no croutons or cheese) with their crispy baguette bread.  That bread soaks up the broth perfectly, leaving those disgusting chunks of onions at the bottom of the bowl 🙂  For a salad I got the Asian sesame chicken salad.  I love the sweet taste of the dressing but I don’t feel like they put enough lettuce in the salad!  There was lots of chicken and crispy wonton strips mixed with like 3 pieces of lettuce.  I think tonight Panera was my appetizer, hmmmmm, what to eat next?

Until tomorrow


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