Lead Feet and Super Sets

Good evening to you!  I hope you all enjoyed the little bit of sun that popped out this afternoon!  This morning I did something I NEVER do- I left my house without a jacket of some sort.  As a general rule of thumb I take sleeves with me everywhere because I always end up cold somehow.  But not this morning!  Dylan Dryer, a local meteorologist, said that there was absolutely no need for a jacket today, she left hers at home.  Now, she has been wrong before (ahem, snowless snowday) but the forecast looked so nice!  Well, it was cloudy and chilly most of the day- maybe not winter jacket temperature, but DEFINITELY not no jacket weather!  I won’t do that again!

When I got home I took a 45 minute nap and when I woke up I was still tired.  I desperately wanted it to be 8 p.m. so I could stay in bed, but the sun was out just a little bit and I decided to go for a run.  I started off hating every single step and pretty much ended up hating the whole run.  I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that I just didn’t want to run.  My legs felt so heavy and my feet felt like lead (they probably sounded like it too).  I ran the three-mile loop by my house and kind of winged my own walk/run plan to make it through.  I did run a majority of it, maybe walked less than half a mile, and made it home in 27:16.  That’s not too bad for not wanting to run at all!

How do you push yourself through a run/workout that you don’t want to do? I am pretty good at knowing the difference between “I physically can’t do” verses “I don’t want to do”.  Most of the time even if I don’t want to I stick to my run plan.  Today I just couldn’t get my head into it! What thoughts motivate you to keep putting one foot in front of the other?

When I got back I had some time to relax before my gym date with Amy at 7.  I decided to have a banana for a snack.  PROBLEM:  my bananas were leaking a brownish substance all over my counter!  When I went to pick them up they were super mushy- ewwwww!  Can bananas get diseases? I just bought them Sunday!

I opted for a handful of almonds on my way to BSC.  Today was Day 2 Weights (aka Leg Day, dun dun DUUUNNN). Leg day is hard!  Today we added a super set into our routine.  A super set is a second set of excercises that you perform one right after the other.  A super set usually works two opposing muscles groups (chest and back, quads and hamstrings, etc.).  The super set worked great because as Amy used the Smith machine to do squats, I did 20 lunges alternating legs (yeah for cutting down gym time!).  By the time I was done so was Amy so I could hop on the Smith and do squats while she did lunges.  We rotated like that with little or no rest between our three sets.  I REALLY LIKED THE SUPER SET!  It was much more high intensity that our usual workout so my muscles felt fatigued a lot faster than normal. I have to give it to my Gym Buddy (GB) Amy- I did NOT want to go to the gym, especially after such a crappy run, but she gave me no sympathy or pity (and I thank her for that).  I think she can tell the difference between Lazy-ish Lisa and Honestly-Can’t-Do-It Lisa and she really helped me get out of my mood and get it done!  Woop Woop!

When I got in the car- this random new song was on Sirius Hits One, have you heard it?  It is called “I’m Awesome” by Spose.  It reminded me never to take yourself too seriously!  While you listen I am going to finish up my left over pizza from Regina’s and then head to bed!

I HEART crispy pizza!

WARNING:  there are a few swears in the song, sorry!

Oooooo,  I am also envious of the bloggers who can post a few posts throughout the day, as opposed to one LOOONNNG blog at night. I feel like my posts would be more thought-out and detailed if I wasn’t rushing to get them done at the end of my day.  It takes about an hour for me to type a post (I am not complaining, but I want my posts to be better!) I think I’d like to try some mini-posts but I am not sure I would have the concentration/time during the day.  I think about what I want to write about through the day and jot it down in a journal, but then end up leaving a lot of the topics out because of time constraints at night.  Anyone have any suggestions on how I can make my blog/posts better (topic suggestions, lay out, etc)?




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    • of course you need to find a way to get your name on this blog..who loves you more than you Jack Kelly? 🙂 thanks for showing me some love!

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