Happy Hump Day!

Two more wake-ups until the weekend!  As we all know by now, the weather is warm and sunny today!  I fell asleep pretty early last night and slept through the night for a second night in a row, but still couldn’t get out of bed this morning.  Not even the prospect of an 80 degree day made me want to move!  What is up with that?  With 7 school days until April vacation, my body is telling me it needs a break!

Good news?  My body is tired and sore (sore in a good way,and sore in a bad way, read on…).  My abs throb when I cough 🙂 .  I guess my beefed up ab routine Monday really got the job done!  I added 5 reps to each set and it made a difference!  I love having sore/tired muscles after working out.  Today is ab day again and I anticipating being sore for the next few days.

Oooo, this get me thinking, many people think that soreness is a sign they should take a week off from the gym- and it is not (using soreness to skip a gym sess. is an EXCUSE!).

  • Remember, do not mistake soreness for PAIN, if you can still walk  or lift your arm you are probably sore!  A workout shouldn’t leave you in pain, but it should leave you feeling like you worked out, makes sense?
  • This is also where a workout plan is crucial, you shouldn’t work the same muscle group two days in a row!  Of course you will probably still hurt and you will “feel it” when doing a similar muscle group (when doing your back you may feel the motion in your chest too), but since it is working different muscles you can push through it!

Also, my quads feel tired from leg day yesterday.  They are not sore like I am used to, but they are tired.  I think I could have done more squats and definitely could’ve pushed more on the hamstring curls and the adductor machine.  I am not making excuses (ok, I am trying to make excuses 😉 , but you know my motto NO EXCUSES!!!) but think I may be getting bored-ish with my current routine (I think we have been doing it for a month) and am looking forward to coming up with a new routine to start in a few weeks!

What are some excuses you use to get out of working out?  How do you tell the differences between “Making Excuses/I don’t want to” verses “I Physcially Can’t”?

Now for the bad: shin splints.  I think/am pretty sure I have them.  For the past two weeks or so the first half of my run is accompanied by this lovely little stinging pain in the interior of my right shin.  Yes, the longer I run it will disappear, but today I realized I need to do something about it.  Here’s why: I was wearing my kitten heel shoes and throughout the day I would get these twinges of pain in my shin.  Usually I wear my Dansk Clogs to work (ahhh, I love them) but because the weather was warmer and I was wearing capris, I needed capri-friendly shoes.  The point of describing my footwear is to point out that my shin is now hurting while I am not running, and I am guessing that is not good.  Yesterday I had a terrible run and wanted to walk but forced myself to run and as a result I think I overdid it.

I was wearing high heels all weekend, and these kitten heels killed me today!

SCORE!! I found flip flops in my Yoga bag, ahhh, flippies make my feet HAPPY!

So in researching shin splints I have learned that it is pretty common for new runners to get them because we try to do too much too soon (ahem, 6 miles last weekend).  Also, having really tight calf muscles can contribute ( I was told by an old trainer I am as flexible as a 2 by 4, haha).  Another common culprit (which ties into being a beginning runner) is improper form while running (i.e. slouching or leaning forward) and not wearing proper running shoes.  I do try to stand straight and tall when running but maybe I do slouch?  and I bought new sneakers a few weeks ago but maybe I didn’t get the right running shoes for me?

What they suggest to treat the shin splints is:

  • Ice the shin for 10 to 15 minutes after a run
  • take a pain reliever post run
  • take a few days off to develop a stretching routine (umm, learning to stretch was on my to-do list)
  • check out new running shoes
  • heat the shin at night
  • DO NOT try to run through the pain!

What I plan on doing:

  • Take a break from running for a few days while I ice/heat/learn to stretch
  • Head to Runner’s World at the corner of my street and have them properly fit me for running shoes.  THey actually look at your feet and watch you run in the shoes to make sure you have a perfect shoe fit! (Hopefully they can give me some tips too!)
  • Join my city’s running club on April 27 for their Walk to Run program.  For $25 each Tuesday for 10 weeks they build you up to becoming a runner while teaching you proper form, breathing, etc.

What are some other fun, outdoor activities that could be done in place of running but have the same intensity? I am going to the gym for Day Three Weights (Back) and some cardio and will probably opt for the elliptical machine, but it doesn’t make me sweat like running does!

See ya after dinner,


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