Winesday is the best day!

Well, well, well, I just got home and I will tell you, it isn’t easy coming inside with a night like that out there!  Oh how I miss hot summer nights, where you can stay out with a skirt, flippies, and a tank top!

an abstract picture of the night taken by yours truly!

I met Amy at the gym today at 6.  I kept my promise to myself and did not run today.  To ensure I wouldn’t change my mind last-minute I even wore my non-running shoes that are a bit too tight and gave me blisters the one (and only) time I ran in them.  Instead, I opted for 25 minutes on the Cross-trainer. I had it at a level six so it worked my claves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes, and put it at a resistance level of 6 to 10.  I did work up quite a sweat!

After I did Day 3 weights, which is back day.  I love this day because it is ony 3 exercises and seems to take so much less time than our regular 4 exercise weight days.

  1. Row Machine-  I did 3 set of 10 at 70lbs.
  2. Pulldown- I did 1 set at 70lbs, the dropped set and did 2 sets of 60lbs.
  3. Another Machine ( I can’t remember the name but it was pulling machine)- I did 3 sets of 10 with weight varying from 60 to 70lbs,

Tomorrow we are trying to work our muscles to failure.  I did a little reading on this technique today and will talk about it a bit more tomorrow.  I can tell you this much now though it is a scary new thought!  haha!  But will build up the intensity of my workouts so I am very excited to “sakes things up”.

After the gym we couldn’t let the warm night go to waste so we hop, skipped, and jumped over to Not You Average Joe’s.  When I worked there every Wednesday was “Winesday” and they had wine specials and deals with selected menu items.  Well, it turns out April is wine month (Loves it!) so we ordered a bottle of Alabarino, which is a crisp white wine with apple and pear flavors.  it is very refreshing!  We sipped it while sitting on the patio.

For dinner I got an order of their spring rolls.  These spring rolls are made fresh every day (they get soggy the older they are).  A spring roll has mint, spinach, asparagus, rice noodles, and carrots rolled in a rice wrapper and served with peanut sauce for dipping.  MMMMMMM.

I have had a busy day so I am going to get ready to call it a night!  I have some reading to catch up on before I see my girl Chelsea Handler Saturday night.  In her honor I am going to sip some vodka martinis before the show (I will be taking public transportation so I will be safe!).

Do you have any delicious vodka martini recipes that I could try to make on my own Saturday?  Please share!



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