Nothing is as sweet as the end of the week!

This morning when I got to school I was a little frazzled :)~ !  I woke up after feeling like I never actually slept (yeah, for the fifth night in a row) and pretty much couldn’t get my act together.  I lounged around my apartment like I had the day off, making my lunch before taking a shower (I usually do the opposite) and realizing at 6:50 that if I didn’t leave soon I wouldn’t be in school in time for my tutoring session.  Of course I found time to hit up D.D. for my coffee.  One thing you should know about me is that I only drink my coffee iced and I only drink it on school days.  Anyways,  there was a bit of a line and when I was next up at the register a worker (on her tip toes) was peering over the glass divider between me and a coffee machine. “Can I help you?”…ummm that’s obvious, yes you can help me, but do I really have to yell my order over the glass wall separating us?  I felt myself get red in the face because I am not a public speaker (remember I couldn’t run outside because I was scared people would look at me?).  Don’t get me wrong, I understand they are trying to move the line along, BUT next time just let me be next in line, I honestly don’t mind waiting…

OOOOOO, and looked what followed me into school today- the most delicious white chocolate covered pretzels, you know, the ones I ate a million of at the girls’ shower last week.  Mmmm, I had a couple while I copied my papers today!

In other news, I went to the dentist today for my cleaning and I have no cavities 🙂  There was a point when I was younger that every time I went to see Dr. Frank I would have to go back to get a filling.  Come to think of it, maybe I had no cavities because almost every cavity-prone tooth is filled!  Between the dentist and the gym I began to notice that some trees are budding and some trees aren’t.  Some of the budding trees are these amazing yellow, white, and lavender colors.  So pretty!  See!

I knew the gym today was going to be intense and I thought about it all day long to pump myself up!  When I got there I did my ab workout.  Actually, I broke one of my cardinal workout rules when Amy met up with me because I stopped mid-set to talk to her.  I usually HATE when people try to have a two-way convo with me in the middle of a set (I usually don’t mind listening if they want to talk though) but I had so many questions about working our muscles to “failure” so I broke my own rule and stopped to talk to her.  Both of us have a mutual understanding that if you are mid-set and I want to talk, I won’t expect a response, but today was different!  We did 35 minutes of cardio on the Cross Trainer (I did 3.5 miles while varying my level from 6 to 8).

Today we did Day 4 Weights (Biceps and Shoulders).  Part of the reason I knew today would be so intense is because last week when I did Day 4 I hurt my neck (because I wasn’t using good form and I was rushing) and the week before I didn’t even do Day 4 (oopps).  My biceps and shoulder muscles haven’t had a good gym sess. in a few weeks!  As I type this I can feel soreness creeping into all the muscles in my body. I love it!

Day 4:

  1. Shoulder Press- 3 sets to failure*, with 15lbs.
  2. Front Arm Raises- 3 setf of 15, with 10lbs.
  3. Concentrated Bicep Curls- 3 sets of 15 with 15lbs, alternating arms.
  4. Straight Bar Curls- 3 sets to failure*, with 40lb bar

Lifting weights “until failure*” basically means that you complete as many reps possible until you physically can not do another rep without assistance, then you do a few more.  To perform an exercise to failure you need someone to spot you to help guide your arms and help you keep proper form. Being a spotter is a very important job and I was nervous thinking about having to do it!  I did semi-get into the groove toward the end but I think it takes learning the lifters body language (so you know when they need assistance) and learning how much to help.  I will get better at it with more practice!  Lucky for me when I was at CVS, Oxygen magazine had a whole article about working until failure. I am going to do some reading and then I will post my thoughts and a better description tomorrow (it is getting late!).  Has anyone every strength-trained to failure?  What do you do for strength training?  How often do you do it?

I stopped at the store on the way home because I decided I needed to eat at home at LEAST one night this week.  I had no clue what I wanted.  I was at the point of hunger where I wanted EVERYTHING I looked at.  I finally decided on a fresh salad and pizza (I think I could live off pizza).

In my salad I had:

  • Chopped spinach
  • romaine lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • italian seasoned croutons
  • Good Season Italian dressing made with balsamic vinegar

This salad tasted and smelled just like summer and making the Good Seasons dressing with the balsamic vinegar (as opposed to white vinegar) made it thicker and delicous-er (I know that’s not a word, but it fits my description).

I also ate half of a Freschetta Brick Oven Pizza.  I usually love my pizza crispy but I was sooo hungry that I think it only really cooked half-way but I didn’t care (I may or may not have eaten it in one bite too, don’t judge!).

One more wake-up til the weekend!  This weekend I am hoping to catch up on sleep, give my body a rest from the gym, and pee my pants laughing at Chelsea Handler!  I also want to read a little more on my newest gym endeavor: muscle failure.  As always, I will keep you updated!

Happy Thursday!



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