Laughter is the Best Medicine

I woke up this morning at 11:00!  Last night I had the best night’s sleep.  If you don’t remember I have been having trouble sleeping this past week so sleeping soundly through the night and into the late morning was just what the doctor ordered!  It may or may not have had to do with the delicious strawberry martinis I enjoyed last night, but we will get to that….

Last night I went to see Chelsea Handler at the Wang Center and I was so excited to see her in person.  I have read her first two books “My Horizontal Life” and “Are you there Vodka, It’s me Chelsea” and currently working on her third, and latest book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang”.  Her show is really funny too!  After reading her books I am not sure if I want to be her friend because she is so entertaining, or not because she plays such cruel tricks on all of them!

Anyway- the show was great- laugh out loud funny through the whole set!  She made a lot of relationship jokes in light of her recent break up and joked a lot about her family too.  After reading her books you get the sense like you know what she is joking about from a first hand experience, like you are “in the know” on all the history behind her stories, which makes her joke even funnier because you know the back story for most of them!  During the show I sipped on two Amstel lights (because the girl in front of me in line got the last two Miller Lights).

Our seats were really far away- but if you look close you can see her!

Before the show Mo and I met at Amy’s place for some apps, drinks, and dinner.  Mo was in charge of apps, and let me tell you- it won’t be her last time!  Back In February we went to a wine tasting/food pairing, and one of the apps was chocolate brushetta- YES- CHOCOLATE bruschetta!  I haven’t had it since ( I don’t think I’ve been to a restaurant that serves it) so it was perfect she decided to recreate it!  To make them Mo baked pieces of bread that were brushed with EVOO and salted until crisp.  Then she melted some semi-sweet chocolate to spread over the toasted bread.  You spread the chocolate then top with a tiny pinch of salt- one word- AMAZING!

She also brought veggies and pita crisps to dip in ranch dressing!

While we munched on the apps I became Mix Master Lisa and concocted some fresh strawberry martinis.  I had these at the Cheesecake Factory a while ago so I looked online for the recipe.  We decided to make vodka martinis to get us ready for Chelsea because she loves vodka (especially Belvedere).  I am kind of scared of vodka, as I am usually just a beer or wine drinker, so I sipped them as slowly as I could.  They were strong, but so delicious!

To make one martini you need:

  • 2 shots of vodka (I used Grey Goose)
  • 1 shot Triple Sec
  • 1 tblsp sugar (NOTE TO SELF: don’t dump the bag on the floor, sorry Amy!)
  • 3 tblsp fresh strawberry puree

The recipe originally called for you to muddle two strawberries with the sugar and ice, but I didn’t have a muddler.  I used Amy’s food processor to puree the strawberries instead.  I added 3 tblsp of the puree with the rest of the ingredients and shook them all up in a shaker.  I poured the drink into chilled martini glasses!  MMMM, these drinks complimented the chocolate brushetta perfectly!

For dinner Amy made chicken parmesan with ziti and rolls.  I was so in the mood for Italian (especially pasta) so I was really excited she put it on the menu for last night!  The chicken was browned perfectly and so juicy on the inside!  It was topped with the perfect amount of cheese, which was bubbled to perfection after cooking.  I ate almost the entire chicken breast and the entire plate of pasta before the food even cooled down!  It is funny how this meal also perfectly complimented the strawberry martinis!

Thank goodness we walked from Amy’s house to the T to get in town for the show!  Although I called everyone I knew to try to get a ride in, a little walking never hurt anyone- especially after eating and drinking the way I did!  The walk was less than 10 minutes and it was still warm-ish out so it was nice!  It was an early evening (I was home before 11!) but I am pretty much an old lady and was happy to be home and in comfy PJ’s!

Today Jack and I drove up to Newburyport to walk around.  I really meant it when I said I wanted to do more fun stuff outdoors because of all my winter weather complaining.  I had never been up there before and was excited to look in all the little shops they have up there, this town is so darn cute!  We walked along the pier on the water but it was kind of breezy and cool so we headed to the shops pretty much right away.

First stop- coffee!  I got a blueberry iced coffee with skim milk.  The coffee was not flavored with syrup and wasn’t too sweet.  It had just the right hint of blueberry.  I only drank half because I am not really a coffee lover!  Jack got an iced latte with 2 shots of espresso (I would have had such a caffeine high if I drank that!).

We walked around enjoying the sun while we sipped our coffee.  There were so many little shops and cool looking buildings I didn’t even know where to look or what to see.  I decided that it was too much for one day so we went into a couple of stores and promised ourselves we’d go up there again on a warm night, have dinner in one of the small local restaurants and look around some more.  One place we did look in was a used book store (these are Jack’s favorite stores).  He bought two old history book on WW1 (I think) and I for once, didn’t get a single thing (it took a lot of will-power).  We peeked in a record store and a cigar shop too.

We stopped at Not Your Average Joe’s so I could have something small to eat.  I had never been to the NYA Joe’s up there and actually forgot it existed.  There are two outdoor spaces, one in the front where we sat, and one that faces the waterfront.  I had a glass of their organic red called Super Tuscan and munched on their Mozzarella and Ricotta Fritters. The fritters were lightly fried and very airy inside despite being filled with ricotta cheese.  They were OK, didn’t have too much flavor if they were not dipped in the spicy marinara they were served with definitely not what I envisioned them to be!

Oh- and on our way back to the car, I saw this wooden sign in one of the shops and fell in love with it instantly!

I can’t believe it is already Sunday night, the weekend flew by as usual.  I do have some exciting things planned for this week that should help get me through the 5 more wake-ups until vacation!  I am going to start running again (my shins should be all set after a week off) and Mo bought me a new toy to help with my running- the Nike + ipod sensor that I can put on my shoe.  Now I will finally know for sure how far/long I have run!  It also links to a website so I can track my progress and find running routes in my area.  There is so much to learn about it and I can’t wait to try it out.  I definitely want to start using it ASAP so tomorrow I am hitting the gym and a treadmill to get it started! I will talk more about it later when I figure out how to use it!

And, in my final piece of exciting news, I officially signed up for my first race!  It is in my town at the beginning of May.  It is a women’s only Mother’s Day 3.5 miler.  I am super nervous but excited!  I have yet to set a goal for the race because I have never run one before.  I am guessing 3.5 miles shouldn’t be tough for me to complete so maybe I should set a time goal?  Or maybe I should just run my first race for the experience of running a race, and leave time goals for future races?

How do you set goals for road races?  Does it depend on the distance of the race, so the shorter the distance the faster the time you’d expect to complete it?

Enjoy your evenings!



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