Hello there!  I am just sitting down to write this and it is already 9:32.  I had a busy day!  I will tell you that even though I may not get to posting until late night,  I think about my posts all day and I am constantly thinking of interesting topics to bring up in addition to just my daily life.  Tonight before I could sit still I NEEDED to take a hot shower.  There are two main reasons for this:

  1. I went to the gym then met Jack unexpectedly for dinner (surprise!).  We went to Regina’s (surprise!) and since I didn’t know before hand I had to eat in my damp clothes!  Ewww I know, but for a chance to have pizza with Jack a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!
  2. As I said above, sitting in my damp gym clothes left me with the chills and upon entering my apartment I was reminded that I left both my windows open and turned my heat off.  I was so cold!  I had to take a hot shower to stop the chills!  I also used the time to organize my day in my head!

Dinner was fantastic but nothing out of the ordinary.  I had a diet Pepsi and a piece of bread dipped in oil to start.

Then I had a garden salad with ranch dressing on the side.  I always forget to order it without onions and even though it is easy enough to pick off, why waste them!  I like to get dressing on the side at restaurants because sometimes they put WAY too much dressing on themselves.  I am also a fan of dipping my fork in the dressing then taking a forkful of salad.  It gives each bite the perfect amount of dressing.  Regina’s salads always have the coldest, crispest lettuce.  When I am there it is so hard not to start my meal with one!

We ordered a large pizza: half cheese half pepperoni.  Jack loves pepperoni and I love cheese (and sometimes steal a few pieces of pepperoni from his side 😉 ).  I had one and a half piece and it was soooo good.  Hey- I made it to Tuesday before I ate pizza this week!  I wonder how many more times I will have it before the week is over?  I think part of the reason I love pizza at the moment is that it is easy and convenient!  I think I should probably start switching up my cheese and add toppings.  Pizza gives me a good opportunity to get in loads of veggies.  In the past I have been a fan of green peppers, broccoli, pineapple, and zucchini as pizza toppings so I should give those a shot next time!

After school today Mo and Amy picked me up at school and we went to Winthrop Beach to kill some time before they had to tutor.  It was something different to do and I loved being outside walking- it was a treat!  It was a little breezy but the breeze was not too cold.  There weren’t too many people out walking today but that may have been because it was still early afternoon.  We walked mostly along the sidewalk but did detour onto the rocks in an attempt to get to an American Flag out on one of the sand strips.  When walking the rocks there was a ton of interesting stuff.  Most interesting of all?  A fish/eel/dinosaur thing that was dead.  When I first saw it I thought it was a boot but up close- ahhhhh, the thing was U G L Y!  It had weird looking eyes and tiny sharp teeth.  It was kind of cool.  Take a look for yourself:

I went to the gym after the walk to do a bit of cardio before meeting Amy for weights.  I decided to keep my running to three days a week and take at least a day off between each when possible.  I hope that easing up on my amount of running in addition to stretching and icing will be enough to get rid of the shin splints for good.  My fear is that I will trick myself into thinking that I feel fine and then-BAM- they will be back and hurting more than ever.  I don’t want to ever NOT be able to run, so I will air on the side of caution.  If I keep to the routine for a month, and it doesn’t help then I will know (by process of elimination) that I need new shoes or better form.  Luckily for me, the Running Club I am joining will help me with all of this!  Anyway, today for cardio I did 35 minutes on the Cross Trainer.  It was super boring but I did it at an incline of 6 and level of 8-9 the whole time.  My distance was just about 3.6 miles!

Today for weights we did Day 2- Legs.  I have come to dread leg day because it is hard- and I usually can’t walk right for a few days after.  For our leg day we need the Smith Machine to do squats.  Our gym has two, and today they were occupied by two men who are lucky I didn’t drop kick them!  The first one was doing circuit training that involved abs, biceps, and chest (maybe a few more), all while taking up the machine for his workout.  Proper gym etiquette would call for him to step aside and open the machine for others to use while he is not using the machine directly for an exercise.  JERK!  The other was leisurely sitting on an incline bench reading a magazine while doing shoulder presses.  Because they were taking up a machine we needed, we compromised and did calves first.  For calves we used the calf-raise machine with 90lbs.  We do 3 sets of 8-12.  When we were finished both of them were STILL on the machine so we quickly switched up our plan in an effort to get a good workout without waiting all night.  Here is what we did:

  1. Adductors using Machine 70lbs 3 sets x 20 reps
  2. Hamstrings using machine 65 lbs  3 sets of 10-12 reps
  3. Calf Raises 90lbs  3 sets of 8-10 reps
  4. Angled Leg Press 50 lbs 3 sets of 10 to 15lbs (This was a new, improvised exercise, sometimes it is OK to switch it up on the fly!  It is all about making it work for you!)
  5. Smith Machine alternating Lunges 50lbs 3 sets of 10 reps

The good thing about today’s workout is that, combined with yesterday’s, my body is tired and sore.  After legs today, they feel empty which is a sign that I had a good workout.  In reflecting on the amount of weight used in the Angled Leg Press I wish I would’ve added more weight to really push myself.  At the time, I felt I gave all I could but I think that may have been because I did the two hardest leg exercises back to back.  Next week I’d do the same routine but change-up the order to give my legs a little more time to rest between the more challenging sets and see if I am able to push myself more.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Tomorrow is a running day and I have a new playlist to try out which makes me excited!

Three more wake-ups until vacation!  All the teachers out there, we are heading into the home stretch!  How are you going to spend your vacation to get you geared up for the end of the year? Jack and I are heading up to Vermont for some rest and relaxation (and maybe a little shopping!).  I have never been and hope to possibly meet up with some college friends while we are there.  I am hoping the weather is nice enough most of the week to spend some time outside, but also have a rainy day that will force me to lay around and do nothing!

Until tomorrow!



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