Running and Reading

I don’t know how this week can go by so fast and so slow at the same time.  I woke up thinking “It is ONLY Wednesday” and around lunch time said to myself “YESSSS it is Wednesday”.  My general consensus is that it is 8:45 now and I can say that the week is officially almost over (so who cares what I thought earlier?)!

I was excited it was warm out and, especially because we didn’t make it out to recess today, I decided on a run around The Lake was in order.  I took the day off of weights and I think it was a good decision.  While sometimes I feel it is best to get weight days over early in the week, sometimes it is best to take a half-fit day.  Not going to the gym allowed me to run at my leisure as opposed to having to do it right after school.  I stopped at my parents house, cleaned up my apartment, then headed to The Lake around 5:45.

Todays run was amazing!  Weather-wise it was pretty warm running (along the street) with a slight breeze as I ran along the water.  Running-wise, I think I am finally getting my breathing down.  Amy checked out some websites that track song BPMs (beats per minute) and created a playlist for her runs.  Then she shared it with me!  The songs weren’t necessarily songs I would listen to if they came on the radio, but running to songs is a lot different from listening to songs, if that makes sense, so it was definitely worth a listen!  Anyway, the BPMs were between 150 and 160 steps per minute.  It was perfect!  I also loved that the hard part (as in, picking out the songs) was done for me!  Here ii is:

  1. Closer- Kings of Leon
  2. Knock You Down- Keri Hison, Kanye West, Ne-Yo
  3. Leave Me Alone- Pink
  4. Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon
  5. Goodbye to You- The Veronicas
  6. Rehab- Rihanna ( I heart running to Rihanna!)
  7. I am Me- Ashlee Simpson
  8. Funhouse- Pink
  9. Shake It- Metro Station
  10. Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
  11. All We Are- One Rebublic

I didn’t make it through the whole playlist in the time I spent running, but what I did notice was that I really enjoy running to the Kings of Leon!  I didn’t even set a timer today because I was just running to run.  I don’t think for me as a runner right now I am going to worry too much about running fast, for me I want to get in some good running habits, and I can’t really do that until I start with the Running Club.  Some from then until now, I am going to stretch and run as I see fit.

My lower body is also pretty tired and sore from Leg Day.  I think part of the reason is that I did my lunges with 50lbs- and that is at least 20lbs more than any time I had done them before-ooopps!  Good and Bad News with this mistake is that I can do lunges with 50lbs 🙂 go me!!, and now I have to do them with 50lbs 😦  boooo!

After the run it was still light out and I had some energy so I decided to spend some time at Barnes and Noble.  There are a few books I was interested in checking out.  When I got there I grabbed a grande skinny vanilla iced latte and basically drank it in three gulps.  It was delicious!

One thing I was not too happy about was one of the sections where they had those cushy, soft chairs was now a section with tables and chairs set up.  I can only think of two reasons why they would do this: 1) the chairs were filthy and 2) too many people were parking their arses for too long, reading books instead of buying them!  As one of the latter I am pretty upset with these changes.  I did spend about 20 minutes deciding between three books by Michael Pollan.

In the end I decided on his “kid”version of his popular book “Omnivore’s dilemma: for Kids“.  It has a lot more pictures and graphs in it than the adult version- I mean I read all day so if I can get the same information in simpler vocabulary AND with pictures, I’d be silly to pass it up!  I am so interested in reading Pollan’s books because they all deal with explaining the story behind the foods we choose to eat, where it comes from, and what we should be actually eating.  In reading his books I am hoping to have a better understanding of how to eat healthy, because “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean organic, or vegetarian, or carb free!

I also got a couple of cooking magazines for some new recipes and Women’s Health.  I actually read all three magazines I bought every month so I should really just get a subscription!

Oh- and the best part? It was Educator Appreciation Week so I got 25 % off everything!  Woo hoo!!

I am ending my night with a couple bowls of Rice Crispi’s with skim milk (but I am CRAVING pizza!) and a little bit of reading!

How would you define “healthy eating habits” and where did you learn your habits? I feel like I am constantly thinking about what I should or shouldn’t eat, and to be honest it is really annoying!  Something’s got to change and when I figure out what that is and how to do it, I will share!!




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