A Good Evening to All

Hey there!  I am relaxing on the couch, watching Alton Brown’s show “Good Eats” on the Food Network.  He is making a rack of lamb, which I would never eat, nevermind cook!  He is slightly entertaining though and helps me kill time until The Real Houswives of New York. I finally got around to reading the Cooking Light magazine I got last night and I was delighted to see the title “Perfect Pizza” on the cover!

I am not a home-made pizza maker.  I can do English muffin or bagels pizzas, and I most certainly can cook a frozen pizza, but I have not recently tried to make my own pizza.  One thing I know I’ve got going for me is that I make an amazing spaghetti sauce (if I do say so myself).  Now if I could take my sauce and figure out how to make a crispy pizza crust with gooey melted cheese, mmmmm, the results would be out-of-this-WORLD 🙂 I know I am a dork! The ultimate take-home tip from the article is that a pizza stone yields better results than a baking sheet and you have to preheat the stone 30 to 60 minutes in an “at temperature” oven.  I love any excuse to shop so now I have a reason to buy a pizza stone!

How do you guys make pizza at home?  Do you use premade crust (Boboli), pizza dough, or do you make your own dough?  What toppings do you add? and do you use straight mozzarella cheese or something fancy?

I also stopped by my parents house tonight to drop off my laundry.  My mom went to the Under Armour outlet in New Hampshire last weekend and picked me up some sweet running clothes!  She got me two sweat resistant t-shirts, one white and one a nice blue.  She also got me a pair of blue and black running shorts- they even have built-in underwear!  Weird?!  I will wear mine in addition to the built-in ones, that would be to exhilarating for me!  Oh, and she got me a couple of pairs of socks that have a cushioned heel to help absorb pressure when you run.  Awesome, THANKS MOM 🙂

My mom also grabbed me a pamphlet on a program for teachers to go to Ireland this July and learn about their education system at an Irish bar during her trip.  I have never been to Ireland!  It costs $3000 plus airfare and living expenses.  I could live with a faculty member of a local university or live in the dorms.  Haha, could you imagine!?  I wonder if their teachers drink a lot of Guinness at their “Book Club”?!  I teach summer school so I couldn’t do it, but if anyone else is interested let me know!

I came home and poured a glass of wine while I cleaned up my apartment.  I pretty much pick up my apartment once a day so I never really have too much to do.  I changed my sheets because the flannel ones that were on my bed were way to warm for the Spring weather.  Tomorrow is the last wake up until vacation and it will be nice to have a clean house right from the start!

I am meeting Amy at the gym for my second morning gym session.  I know myself well enough to know I won’t want to go to the gym at all after school tomorrow (I am already feeling in vacation mode) so I am planning ahead and getting it done in the morning.  My first A.M. session, if you remember, left me with a huge headache (though I suspected my lack of coffee that morning was the real culprit).  I also felt very sleepy and out of it until midway through the workout.  I am going to have to get up at 4:45 which is an hour or so earlier than usual, and I have been sleeping so poorly, I am guessing the same will happen tomorrow!

To prepare for the morning, and to leave as little as possible to do when I wake up, I packed my lunch and school clothes so they will be all set to go.  I made myself a salad for lunch and mixed some low-fat vanilla yogurt with frozen raspberries for a snack.  I will make my Nutri-grain Waffle sandwich before I hop in the shower tomorrow morning and I will make sure I stop for a Dunkin Dark Roast on my way to school.

When do you prefer to workout and why is that your favorite time? I love to go to the gym on Sunday mornings.  It is empty so I have all the machines to myself and then you still have the whole day ahead of you!  Weekdays, I like going around 4 because it gives me enough time to wind down after school but not so much time that I get sleepy and dread going!

Well I am going to do a little more reading and hopefully fall asleep soon!  Only ONE MORE WAKE UP UNTIL VACATION- WOOOOOOOOOOO!




2 thoughts on “A Good Evening to All

  1. I LOVE morning gym! I sometimes (a lot of times) find the timing of it a little tricky with work!

    I also think random mid day hours are great for the weekends. Anytime I can avoid the crowd is a good gym time!!!!

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