Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Happy Thursday everyone :)!  I can’t wait to wrap up this week and head up to Vermont on Saturday!  Some of my students have fun vacations planned and they were bouncing off walls today in anticipation.  It is times like this I hate having to be the responsible one in the room, because as I am asking them to quiet down and get to work, I am DYING inside to slack off and day-dream about the week to come! Unfortunately I had meetings to attend and an upcoming MCAS math test to get these kiddos ready for, so being an adult has to take precedence over my excitement!

Were you day dreaming at 10:30 this morning too??

The weather isn’t helping my head “stay in the game” either!  As I stared at the ever-growing pile of papers that I have been pushing from side to side on my desk I was wishing I could take a quick walk to Dunkin Donuts and grab an iced coffee.  This morning I tried the new Dunkin Dark Roast and it was delicious, but I drank it by 8:30!  Caffeine and I have a love-hate relationship- sometimes it gives me the right amount of energy, sometimes I get no energy, and sometimes it gives me the shakes and giggles (not a fun feeling in front of a group of ten-year-olds).  Anyway- I wanted another one  just to get me through the rest of the morning!

One of my little girls did give me this sticker today and I think it is cute.

It was appropriate because most weeks this school year I have been just going through the motions, trying to get from week beginning to the week ending.  Don’t get me wrong,  weekends get most people through the week (it is the number one reason I do!), but I feel like if I don’t stop looking to the next weekend, I will be 80 before I know it!

Lunch was good today too.  I was in the mood for a salad but out of romaine lettuce and only had spinach.  While I love spinach mixed in my salad I do not like it as the sole, main ingredient.  SOOO I compromised and made a salad wrap!

Lisa’s Salad Wrap

  • handful of Spinach
  • Sweet grape tomatoes sliced in half
  • Half of a cucumber
  • a big hunk of sliced pepperoncinis
  • a few tablespoons of Newman’s Own Balsamic vinaigrette (I put that on the side until right before I ate it)

MMMMMM.  Know what made lunch even better?  Macho Nachos!  Haha, that was the kid’s lunch today.  They are basically round Tostitos with that delicious and very healthy neon orange cheese to dip it in.  What a perfect complement to my Salad Wrap!  I didn’t plan on having nachos with my lunch, but by lunch time I just couldn’t resist!

Right after school I headed to the gym to do some cardio and weights.  For cardio I stuck with the Cross Trainer for 35 minutes and then attempted to run on the treadmill for one mile to calibrate my Nike sensor!  I am so excited to start using this nifty little device!  I will finally be able to tell the exact distance that I run.  I still have to play around with it a little before I talk more about it, but the first step to getting started it to calibrate it, so that is what I tried today!  However, my body was toast after the Cross Trainer, and I literally could only run 0.40 miles at a 5.0 speed 😦 – HORRIBLE!  I guess I will have to try again tomorrow!

so small and cool!

Today I had planned to do Abs and Day 4 weights.  My legs/butt are still so sore from Leg Day!  It is such a good feeling though (I am NOT complaining!).  For weights today I was without my Buddy but still hoped to push myself just as hard as I would should she have been there.  My plan did not go as expected.  After cardio the thought of doing anything but eating and taking a nap was incomprehensible.  I did do two of the four exercises in our Day 4 workout.  The two shoulder ones seemed more do-able to me than any of the others, so those are the ones I did!

On the way home I got caught in the 5 o’clock traffic, what a horrible experience.  I feel bad for all of you who do that everyday.  My car was so warm while I was waiting in the loooonnnggg line of traffic that I started to doze off- NOT GOOD!  I did make it home in a ride that seemed to take six hours!  Now that I am home the question is: what meal will go best with a couple of glasses of crisp, cool wine?  I bet we all know the answer: PIZZA!

Catch ya later alligators



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