And a good night to all…

Good evening folks, and a happy vacation to those of you on vacation!  I don’t even mind the fact that it is pouring buckets right now, just as long as I can have some time off of work I will be OK.  I am heading on a road trip of sorts tomorrow.  We are going up to Vermont just because we need to get away (we being Jack and me).  I was excited to finally get out of school, probably more so than the kids!  This afternoon I invited Amy and Maureen over for some “Yeah It’s Vacation” Festivities.  Amy brought a bottle of Gnarley Head Old Vine Zinfandel.  It is delicious and made for a perfect drinking-while-cooking wine!

For dinner I tried a new recipe that I found on the Food Network’s website.  Upon first glance there are some sketchy ingredients that may deter you from even trying it: greek yogurt, paprika, Melba toast, scallions, and Rice Crispi’s (to name a few).  To be honest, I was nervous while putting together the meal because I couldn’t imagine how it was going to even come out.  In an effort to extend the variety of foods I eat I looked up healthy ways to cook chicken and got the recipe for this meal!  I munched on some yellow cor Tostitos while I cooked, they were great with the wine..

After I de-goobered the chicken (took all the gross fatty parts off) I mixed it in a bowl with 1/2 cup of Chiobani non-flavored yogurt mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey.  This created a nice coating that helped the Rice Crispi/Melba Toast breading stick.

I made it with mashed potatoes and broccoli, oooo, and a bit of cranberry sauce.  It was so good!  And a perfect recipe to prove that just because an ingredient is “weird” doesn’t mean it won’t make a delicious meal!  For the full recipe check out this link: Oven-Fried Chicken.

After dinner, Amy and I walked to the Beacon Hill Wine Shop on my street to get another bottle of wine. We also picked up a box of chocolate covered pretzels for dessert.  On the way home we bumped into my mom and her friend eating dinner at a restaurant by my house so we stopped in to say hi!  Then we headed back to my place to drink wine, eat chocolate, and finish my laundry!

Now I am waiting for the last of my laundry to dry so I can pack for my road trip tomorrow. I am a little nervous because we do not have a place to stay for Saturday night so I am going to go with the flow and find a place when we get up there.  I am also going to get a chance to see a good friend from college and finally meet her fiance!  Should be a great time because it will be her first time meeting Jack!  I am not one to leave packing until last-minute, though, so I am going to get on that now!  I will be sure to take my computer and post during the trip, keep reading!

Until tomorrow,



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