My morning post, sent in the evening…

Good morning friends!!  I am so excited to finally report that there are no more wake-ups until vacation!  My wake-up was earlier than usual today to attempt my second EVER morning gym session, and I am happy to report that it was a way better experience than before!  I woke up (after hitting snooze just twice), made my waffle sandwich, showered, got dressed, grabbed my lunch I made last night and was ready to go!

I met Amy at 5:35 and we did some cardio.  I actually felt awake this time and was able to do just about 3 miles in 25 minutes on the Cross Trainer.  I kept it at a level 7 for most of the time and it was hard!  Believe it or not, I am STILL feeling those 50lb lunges from Tuesday.  STILL!!!  Then we did the calf raise machine and I did three sets of 10 with 90lbs!  Usually Amy and I try to get through our routine quickly so while she does raises I do something else, but today we decided to spot each other.  Spotting each other allowed us to do as many reps as we could possibly do, until we couldn’t finish the last rep, which is when the spotter comes in to assist.  This assistance helps work your muscles closer to failure because the spotter has your back!

Today we did Day 3- Back.  It is the shortest of our four weight days so we purposely planned it for the morning session.  We are in the process of switching up our weights so we only have one more session with these particular ones before we make the switch.  Amy tried a new one we are considering: the Peck Deck.  On the Peck Deck we can do the Reverse Fly, which works the upper back/shoulder area.  I like the thought of using a machine for this exercise because with free weights I can only use 10lbs!  I am hoping with the control and stability the machine gives I will be able to do more!

Anyway, our current weights are as follows:

1.       Reverse Fly on Stability Ball- 10lbs, 3 sets of 10

2.       Lat Pull Down- 60-70lbs, 3 sets of 10-12

3.       Row machine- 60lbs, 3 sets of 8-10

I really liked going to the gym this morning and it was a different experience than the first time.  I like that I had plenty of time to get my plan done and still got to school pretty early!  I think I am officially a morning person!  If I want to incorporate a few sessions like this into my routine I will have to recreate this day by:

*          Packing my breakfast/snack/lunch the night before

*          Pack up my work clothes the night before

*          Going to bed earlier the night before

*          Put together a bag of needed supplies: deodorant, brush, hair spray, etc

*          Make a plan with my Gym Buddy (having someone there with me made a huge difference!)

*          Eat a banana as I am leaving my house

On my way from the gym to school I stopped at D.D and got a large dark roast iced coffee with skim milk.  There will be no shortage of caffine in my system today!  I also stopped and got a piece of bakery pizza to go with my salad for lunch.  It literally just just JUST came out of the oven so I had to wait 5 minutes for them to cut it.  It smelled sooooo good I didn’t think I would be able to wait until lunch to eat it….


lovin' the Dunkin Dark Roast!

Until dinner



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