Jack and Lisa take Vermont: Greetings!

Greeting from the cold, rainy, dreary state of Vermont!  I can officially say that with the forecast of snow/rain for the next four days this vacation has become the exact OPPOSITE of what it was supposed to be: me laying on a warm beach, tanning with fruity drink in hand.  At least I have Jack with me to keep me company!

Waiting to Leave Charlestown

I think I may have over packed for three nights, oops!

We left Boston around 11:30 this morning after having some breakfast.  I had a skinny vanilla iced latte with a Trail Mix Bagel and cream cheese from Brueggar’s Bagels.  The bagel had what a bag of trail mix has in it (minus the M&M’s!): sunflower seeds, peanuts, cranberries, and raisins.  It was kind of crunchy and since I didn’t get it toasted, it was pleasantly soft.  I really enjoyed it.  Brueggar’s has a new yogurt spread, which is similar to cream cheese, but with less fat and calories.  They have a strawberry flavored kind that would be fantastic on the Trail Mix Bagel.  I will try it next time!

Since the hotel we booked here in Vermont wasn’t originally available for us to check in until tomorrow, we left with the understanding that we’d have to find a place to stay.  I am a planner and this left me feeling a bit uneasy because that is what I do- stress.  Thank goodness, Jack doesn’t stress so I forced myself to go with the flow.  We headed up 93 until we got to 89- and got off at Sunapee, NH.  We drove to Sunapee Ski mountain, which closed a few weeks ago.  It was desolate and kind of scary!

Since there wasn’t much going on in the Sunapee area, we decided to keep driving toward Vermont and get closer to Woodstock where we were staying for the rest of the trip.  My friend Holly lives in the area and had suggested we head to Quechee, which is very close to The Woodstock Inn and Resort where we were staying.  We crossed a bridge on our way to the town center and there was a huge drop blow it so we stopped to see it.  It is called Quechee Gorge and it was a looooonnngg way yo the bottom!  We didn’t check it out for too long because it is super chilly and rainy out.

not a waterfall! this is the bottom of the gorge

Then we headed to a restaurant she suggested: Simon Pearce. It is a glass blowing company that has a restaurant attached to it.  To get there we had to go under a little covered bridge, so cute 😉   The shop was on a river near a dam and the restaurant had floor to ceiling windows which overlooked the river.  The wine glasses at this place were $60- A PIECE!!!  Wow! I didn’t touch anything in fear of breaking it and having to go broke buying it.  The restaurant also was closed for lunch at 2:45, and since we got there at 3 we were out of luck!  They had several bottles of Simon Pearce wine that were at least $20 a piece as well!

At the suggestion of a clerk we went to the local pub down the street for lunch.  It was called Fireside and it looked like a medieval castle.  The interior was very rustic with dim lighting and wooden furniture.  I know most furniture is made of wood but this was rustic wood, if that makes sense.

I started with a glass of Bob’s African Cabernet/Shiraz blend.  It was full-bodied and oaky and delicious!  I started with a side garden salad that had spring mix, cucumber, tomato, and a home-made maple balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  The dressing made this salad let me tell you!  It was sweet and sugary and amazing!

The menu was your basic salad, sandwich, pizza selections.  I chose a flatbread pizza, cooked in their wood-fire oven.  I debated between two pizzas- the four cheese and the BLT.  The BLT intrigued me because it was topped with diced tomatoes, bacon, and caesar salad!  Interesting!  In the end, I decided to get what I know I’d like.  I got the four cheese with extra sauce, well done.  The crust was thin and airy, with the prefect amount of crunch.  I had three pieces!

After lunch we called the hotel and found out they could accommodate us tonight too!  SUPER HAPPY!  I haven’t got a chance to explore yet, but if I can judge the entire Inn by our room, I will be having amazing things to say.

The Woodstock Inn

Our room is in the Tavern section of the Inn and is two rooms.  The lighting is home-y and the bed and linens feel so luxurious.

The bathroom has a double sink and a large bathtub!

Well, I was up at 8 and drive two states from home (and had two glasses of wine in the process).  Next on my agenda is a nap 🙂

Catch ya after dinner!



3 thoughts on “Jack and Lisa take Vermont: Greetings!

  1. Uncle Larry and I stayed in Woodstock about 5 years ago. Had dinner Simon Pearce! You think their glass pieces are expensive? Be glad you didn’t eat there! But the food was delicious! Isn’t Simon Pearce amazing? Did you get a chance to catch a demonstration of the Glass Blowing? Fascinating!
    Woodstock is an awesome little town. Enjoy!

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