Wine and Chocolate

Good Morning!  The weather is still cold and damp looking up here in Woodstock.  Though I haven’t actually left my hotel room yet, or the bed for that matter, I can tell just from the view outside my window it is still cold.  This morning I am going to head to the Inn’s health and fitness center.  It is a half mile down the road and has a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and gym.  The gym offers yoga and spin classes and has an indoor tennis court.  I don’t know the schedule but was thinking I’d give some Vermont spin a chance 🙂

Do you workout when you are on vacation? I typically don’t, but now feel like I want to.  When I went to Jamaica last year I packed all my gym stuff and never actually wore it.  In February when I went to Florida, I did get to the hotel gym for a run one of the four days.  I wish it were hiking weather up here in Vermont because I think that would have been a fun way to squeeze in a workout!  (I guess it shows how much my fit life has grown in the past year: from having the intention to workout last year, to making it happen this year. I WANT to sweat it out, my body craves it.  Cool!)

I also am dying to have a big breakfast.  Since I basically only eat Nutri-grain waffle sandwiches and bananas for breakfast, some waffles with Vermont maple syrup and berries of some sort are calling my name!

Last night we napped and didn’t wake up until almost 9! My naps are usually only 20 to 45 minutes so I must’ve needed it!  When we woke up we checked online to find a place we could find delicious dessert.  Unfortunately, nothing was really open in the area except for a pub/bar, and their dessert menu wasn’t on their website.  We decided to give the Inn’s Richardson’s Tavern a shot.

It was very warm and cozy with dim lights, candles, and a roaring fireplace.

I took this with the "candle" setting n my camera, ooooo-pretty huh!?

The dessert menu was not impressive: creme brulee, root beer float, apple crisp, mixed berries, and ice cream.  Jack got something called a “Peanut Butter Cup”.  It was not a big giant Reese’s PB Cup so he was disappointed.  And writing this now, I understand what they meant by PB Cup.  It was a chocolate cup filled with PB Mousse.  Get it, PB Cup?! Ha 🙂

I got the Chocolate Sampler.  It was not a chocolate lover’s dream by any means.  It had 4 desserts.  The first, and best, was an almond joy cookie which was a macaroon dipped in chocolate with an almond in the center. MMMMM.  Then there was a cup of chocolate mousse which was ehhh and some chocolate fudge pyramid dusted with powdered sugar.  It was hard and unchocolatey! Blah.  the last was a whoppie pie.  The pie part was hard and had no flavor.

Of course, what makes dessert better than wine?!  I had two glasses of Sauvignon blanc with the chocolate.

Around the time we were finishing up, a wedding reception was ending and people were trickling into the Tavern.  Jack and I decided to people watch so I got one more glass of wine.  This time I went with Cabernet.

The group of people were mostly older, with just a few in their twenties.  Jack was trying to listen to their political convo and I was trying to figure out who the bride and groom were and what the bridal party wore, haha.  It is true when they say “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars”!

How is your weekend going?

Ok, go to get up and start my day!



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