Running and Lunch

Ya know, one thing I could get really used to is not working!  It is amazing how much you can get done when you don’t have to figure out how to squeeze everything in with your work schedule 🙂

This morning I woke up feeling very refreshed.  I slept until about 9 and woke up to the sun shining.  I knew it was warm because my bedroom windows were W I D E open and I didn’t feel one bit chilly.  It was PERFECT running weather!  I made myself a bowl of oatmeal then headed to the Lake for a 3ish mile run.

About a week ago I decided my most current running goal is just run to run.  I mean when I started running I timing myself because I was curious how fast I ran, but that caused me to be in competition with myself.  I think subconsciously (if not consciously) I was always trying to beat my Personal Best from the run before.  The problem with this was I pushed myself too hard (shin splints, ouch) and felt let down when I couldn’t outperform myself.  That is when I reevaluated why I was running currently, and the reason is to be outside and run, nothing more.  Since I have stopped timing my runs I have found the following:

  1. My feet do not sound like an elephant stampede.
  2. I am not insanely out of breath or gasping for air by the end.  I believe you are supposed to be able to carry on a conversation while running, and I KNOW I couldn’t do that before!
  3. I don’t think to myself “I wish this was over, I wish this was over”.  Previously I felt like my energy was gone after the first two songs of my playlist.
  4. I ENJOY running so much more!

Some big things are heading my way in my Running World too!  On Tuesday I am signing up for my city’s Running Club.  For $20 I am enrolling in a 10 week walk to run program, aimed at getting out-of-practice and novice runners-up to running for 30 minutes.  I know I can already run 30 minutes so I am not concerned with that.  But what I want to LEARN is about correct form and breathing, stretching, and other running stuff I should know!  My first race is coming up and by then I will have two weeks in the Club under my belt.  It will be nice to meet other runners too!  If you are a wanna-be runner, why not join too!  Check out their site for more information!

After my run I met Amy at the gym for our last Day 1 weight session.  We have planned our new weight routine and tried a few of our new moves today to see what we are in for.  I will tell you this:  we must love to torture ourselves!  Two of the new moves we tried today work the chest and the back.  They are both done on the Smith machine but use your own body weight.

  1. Incline Push-up on Bar This chest exercise was hard!  I think today I could only do 4 with good form!
  2. Supine Row This back exercise was hard too!  I could pull my body up to the bar only like 2 or 3 times!  There is an easier version that calls for you keep your hips on the ground

I am glad we tried both before hand because we had a couple of questions about the correct form for each.  And we got to see if we actually liked the new moves!

After gymming-it I puttered around Target and picked up a new book to read, Skinny Bitch.  I am really looking into new eating habits and want to find out exactly what I mean when I say I want to eat “Healthy”.  Does it mean orgainc, whole grain, low-cal, low-fat, more fiber, more protein, more fruits and veggies, no alcohol, no junk food?  In order to define what “Healthy Eating” is for me I need to do some reading, lots of reading!

I bought the book, and for the first time ever, headed to Panera to read and eat lunch! It was so relaxing being there and reading and taking my time eating.  I ordered the half soup/salad.  For soup I got French Onion with nor croutons or cheese (though I did eat the piece of bread that came with it!) and for a salad I got the Asian Sesame Chicken Salad.

I read the first two chapters of the book and as of yet, do not have a handle on the information enough to share my thoughts with you.  Next stop, heading to Barnes and Noble to check out their selection of Clean Eating books.

What does HEALTHY EATING mean to you?  What foods are/are not “healthy” in your eyes?

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Running and Lunch

  1. i do both of those excercies and LOVE them! I can provide any insight that i have (and what i can get out of matt!) to make them easier/harder as you progress!

  2. pushed enter too soon! For the incline row, if starting out with straight legs is too hard at first, start out with your knees bent, this is what I did for the first few weeks to get the form down. Big things that Matt emphasized to me: keep your hips up and your head back, it helps! Once you move to straight legs, before you move on to elevated legs, he had me do some where my hands are closer together, only a thumbs distance from each other. I do it 5 notches up which should be about the same for you and Amy! The push-ups are tough! I agree about it being hard to keep the right form! We started out 4 knotches up on the smith machine and I am down to 1 knotch now…he keeps mentioning the “floor” to me, I laugh at him! For those, he has me do the first 2 sets with a lower bar and less reps. If I cant reach the number he says, he has me spread my feet out to make it a little easier. Then for the last rep I raise the bar and do more reps. Big form things he tells me for those are to keep my core straight and my elbows in, and to position myself so that when I lower down the bar hits right below my chest. Hope this helps! And anything else I can ask Matt 🙂 I am impressed with you and Amy and will definitely be asking for your workouts to add into mine!

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