Raising Money for a Good Cause

Last night I went to a fundraiser at Kowloon to benefit the Little Ricky Foundation.  Little Ricky is a 14-year-old student in the community I teach in and he has autism.  His dad began the Little Ricky Foundation in 2007 to bring awareness about autism to the community and raise money for the Revere Special Education program.  With the money donated to the SPED department, the Foundation hopes to give autistic students in the city the books, computers, field trips, and other supplies needed to “enrich these kids lives and…bring a promising future to all affected by this mysterious disease.   Our kids have the best teachers and with the money we raise, can have the best tools too.”  Sounds like a great cause to me!

My family also strongly supports this cause because I have two young cousins with autism.  Each October, my family and friends walk with our team, Shamrocks for Sean and Danny, to raise money for Autism Speaks.  We all wear bright green shirts and walk in a pack, you can’t miss us!

Me, my cousin Carney, Uncle Brian, and cousin Casey- October 2008

Quick facts about Autism [source]:

  • Autism is a general term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD).
  • Autism affects 1 in 110 children
  • Of those children, 1 in 70 of them are boys
  • The cause of autism is unknown but some believe it may be a combination or genetics and environment

During the Fundraiser I sipped a few Mic Ultra’s.  They were $5 a pop!  Usually I drink Mai Tai’s at Kowloon so I had no idea their beer was almost as much as a Mai Tai!  Next time I will stick with them, more bag for my buck if you know what I mean 😉 !

The Chinese buffet had pork fried rice, lo mein, lobster sauce, chicken and mixed veggies, wings, pot stickers, spring rolls, and crab Rangoon.  I am a pretty basic Chinese food app lover: fingers, ribs, scallion pancakes.  For dinner I got Fried rice, lo mein, and mixed veggies.  I wanted a little taste of everything, but just really nibbled on all three.  App wise I got a couple of chicken wings, a couple of spring rolls (I only ate the outside of them, healthy I know!) and one crab rangoon (I only ate the edges).  The only things missing after the meal was a big, fat piece of chocolate cake.  How on Earth does Chinese food make me crave chocolate cake!?

I ate like 4 forkfuls of this lo mein..waaaayyyy to big of a portion!

After the dinner and raffles (which I didn’t win 😦 ) there was a comedy show.  They were all really funny local guys!  Comedy is so much funnier when they are joking about places you can relate to like Lynn, Malden, Cheverus, etc.  I like to laugh, eat chinese food, and be in good company so it was a perfect night out!

I love cool, dim lighting!!

Kristin and Meee

On tap for me today is a run outside.  I LOVE THIS WEATHER (if I didn’t mention that before!).  I am taking the day off from going to the gym because my vacation is almost over and I want to relax and not feel rushed.  I am going to try out my Nike Running Chip since I calibrated it yesterday it should be all set to go.  The only downside (which is an upside in its own way) is that my hamstrings and butt are KILLING me from Day 2 weights.  I knew they would be!  Hard work really does pay off ya know!

OOOOOO, and most important of all- I got IN to the Harpoon 5- miler in June.  I had been wait listed and had my heart set on it being my first race.  Though it is not going to be my first race, it will be my first 5 mile race, so it’s all good 🙂

Happy Friday!



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