Cheers to New Beginnings!

Good evening to you my dear friends!  I had a very busy Tuesday and I will tell you, all that energy I had yesterday, all the motivation I had to get up and go, must have been my supply for the week, because I’ve lost steam already! It is 9 and I am just sitting down to write this post (I’ll keep it short and sweet), but I’ve been thinking of what to talk about all day: RUNNING CLUB!

I am enjoying a mock-tail as I type this post (and not a glass of wine) because 1) it is Tuesday (and I am cutting WAAYYYY back on unnecessary week day drinking and 2) I am hitting the gym up tomorrow a.m. for Day 2- Legs.

Lisa’s Mock-Tail

  • 1 Wine glass (makes it feel fancy)
  • Polar Raspberry Lime Seltzer Water
  • Dash of Pom pomegranate/blueberry juice

Oh, and I am also celebrating my official membership in the Running Club.  Yup, that’s right, for $25 I am embarking on a 10 week program to teach me all sorts of running related goodness.  We even got a syllabus!  Each of the weekly meetings starts with a “lecture” about the week’s topic (it is really just a brief info sess).  Topics range from setting personal goals, nutrition and health, stretching, and hill running.  We even get handouts to read on the topic.  Tonight we discussed the format of the weekly runs, safety and eating tips, and then had a shoe clinic!

Think I will stick out like a sore thumb??

What I learned today:

  • Always double lace your shoes
  • Running takes 2 things: commitment and beer (that’s why most races are near bars!) Ha!
  • Make eye contact with drivers so you know they see you
  • Don’t eat anything solid 2 hours before a run
  • If you sound like an elephant when you are running (me!!!) it may be because your shoes are too supportive
  • I get a 10% discount at a local shoe shop if I go there and get my fit fitted for running shoes, which I will definitely do!
  • You should be able to talk through your entire run, and if you can’t, you’re going to fast!

This is a walk to run program which accepts beginners and out-of-practice runners.  It began today with 30 minutes of movement: 4 minutes of walking, 2 minutes of running (repeat 5 times).  I am not a beginner but I know I have a lot to learn.  We ran for 2 minutes but I wanted to keep going so bad!  However, I want to make some running club friends more so I was very conscious of not being “that girl”, we all know what I am talking about.  My main goal in joining the program is to learn how to run properly, and to reach that goal the pacing changes each week.  I know I go too fast because I am usually gasping loudly for air, so this is a good starting point.  For “homework” I have to do tonight’s routine 2 more times before Tuesday.

I will have to admit, today was a little easy for me.  But seeing the actual running club members, who have run many races, marathons and half marathons, put it all in perspective.  They were all sitting where I was at one point, but worked their way to big things, probably by doing something similar.  So I will do my homework, whether easy or hard, because I’ve got to start learning somewhere!

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and had a really good feeling in the “lecture” when he said that many people do not make/can not make a commitment to running.  They don’t do their “homework” runs or wait until the night before.  Some may not be physically or mentally ready to move to the next level.  I mean, I have been there before, wishing I could dedicate myself to becoming fit and not being able to find motivation, but now I am SUPER motivated.  I will need to spend some time thinking to pinpoint the exact origin of my motivation for running but it definitely has to do with that “runner’s high” I get after a run!

It is such a good feeling to know that on Week 10, when we do our “graduation run” I will be there and it will be a piece of cake!  Then I can become a real member of the Club!

DINNER: When I got in I ate some baked eggplant I made before heading to run.  I cut up 2 Italian eggplants, dipped them in eggs, coated them with breadcrumbs and baked them until crisp in the over at 375 degrees (about 30 min).

I then put them in a glass dish with some sauce and a sprinkle of cheese and, taaa daaaaa, eggplant parm!  MMMMMM

Like I said, morning gym tomorrow, which means early bed tonight!

Do you belong to any weekly fitness groups (softball team, yoga class, running club, etc)?  What motivated you to get involved?  Did you do it “cold turkey” to get your butt in gear or to push your fit-self to a new level? I always belonged to sports teams and cheering squads when I was younger but I never felt dedicated/invested in the sport.  I went through the motions because it was better than sitting on a couch,  I didn’t do it for any health benefits.  This past June I began with two yoga classes a week but needed to get my heart-pumping so I started spinning.  Spinning was the kind of workout my body CRAVED and I did it 2 to 3 times a week for four months!  Being on a stationary bike indoors got very boring.  For me, this running club signifies my growth in living healthier.  I felt so excited to get out there and “do it” tonight!  For me the running club is my next level.

Nighty night



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