Out with the old….

In with the new….

SHOES: Well, let me start by telling you that I went to Marathon Sports today after school and got a new pair of running shoes.  By “new pair” I mean FIRST PAIR EVER!  I was so excited to get the right shoes for me (I’ve been thinking about it since Tuesday).  It was cool getting fitted.  They had me roll my pants to mid calf and watched me strut my stuff so they can see what my feet do when I run.  Apparently, my arch is almost flat and my right foot rolls outward when I walk.

I tried on 5 different pairs, none were super cute (I kept that thought in my head, apparently running shoes are not for making you look good). The problem with my old shoes was that 1) they were a HALF SIZE TOO SMALL!  No wonder my foot sometimes felt numb and my toenails hurt! and 2) they were just basic run of the mill shoes, not specifically meant to give me the support I needed (hence the shin splints).  Having the wrong shoes for your foot type makes you prone to all sort of injury!

Lesson Learned: don't buy running shoes at Marshalls!

For my type of foot there were three brands that worked for me: Saucony, Asics, and Brooks.  I tried on two of each brand.  The goal was to find a shoe that felt like a slipper, like, wide enough and long enough that I didn’t notice it was on!  In the end I got the Asics GT-2150.

See?  Not so cute, but I guess not so ugly either!

In with the new…

Walk then Run:  Today Amy and I did our homework for running club, but we were overachievers.  Before I ran I had a half of a Two Moms in the Raw Gojiberry Granola Bar (I ate the other half after the gym!).  One thing I am glad about is that I know what I can eat and when I can eat it before a workout.  It took a lot of trial and error to figure out that I can have oatmeal or a granola bar about 45 minutes before a short run and have plenty of energy!

Anyway, we started our homework with a little extra credit- a 20 minute run in which we held a convo the while time!  MRC (the Running Club) says that you should always be able to carry on a conversation while running.  We kept pace with each other and left our ipods at home so we had no choice but to talk to each other!

Running in the Asics was amazing!  I couldn’t believe how light and roomy they felt on my foot.  I mean, I didn’t know my old shoes were restricting my feet so much until I ran on the clouds that are my new kicks.  Woop Woop. Now I will definitely be ready for the Race a week from Sunday!

In with the new….

Gym Schedule: In light of the new running program and wanting to continue my four days of weight training while keeping my sanity and leaving me with free time, I have switched up my current schedule to the following:

Monday- Morning Gym, Day 1 Chest

Tuesday- Running Club

Wednesday- Morning Gym, Day 2- legs/Abs

Thursday: Running Homework and Day 3 Back

Friday- Morning Gym, Day 4 Shoulders/Biceps

Saturday: Running Club Homework

Sunday: Free Day/Bonus run day

In with the new:

Day 3 Back: I am a big fan of not trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to making a new weight routine.  We had planned our new Back day but the discovered an amazing one in Oxygen’s May issue (pgs 128-132).  We did it today for the first time and I will have to admit- it was so hard!  Day 3 used to be my favorite because it was an easy day compared to the others, but not anymore!

  1. Bent-Over Barbell Row– 3 sets, 6-8 reps, 45lbs
  2. Wide-grip lat pulldown– 3 sets, 10-12 reps, 60lbs
  3. Reverse-grip lat pulldown– 3 sets, 10-12 reps, 60-70lbs
  4. Machine Cable Row, neutral grip– 3 sets, 12-15, 70lbs

The examples I give you don’t always use the exact dumbbell or equipment but is very similar.  I am a visual person so hopefully it helps!

In with the new…

Pizza: Haha, this one isn’t new at all!  After completing our running homework and our Day 3 weights we went to Reginas to enjoy some pizza and listen to the live music.  Tonight was a young kid with a keyboard and cello player covering all Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra songs.  I had a diet Pepsi and two slices of cheese pizza.  I really do love pizza a lot!

Some new food I did try today was my Peanut Butter French Toast I had for breakfast.  I have been reading quite a few blogs and talking to some people about what they eat for breakfast.  I do believe it is the most important meal of the day and I can’t want to eat the same thing like I do for other meals!

Peanut Butter French Toast (adapted from several other blogger recipes)

  • 1 tblsp peanut butter (I use Trader Joes organic something-or-other)
  • 1/3 cup egg whites
  • some milk
  • dash or two of cinnamon
  • 2 pieces of “day old” whole wheat bread (or what ever bread you eat)

Melt PB in microwave until melted then add to mix of milk, egg whites, and cinnamon.  Dunk bread on both sides and cook in pan until brown.

I found that fresh bread sops up too much of the batter so I say “day old” because I think if the bread is a little hard it would make the toast better.  ALSO, some of the PB settled on the bottom of the bowl, so as the toast was cooking, I spooned the left over batter onto the toast before flipping.

I cut it up and wrapped the top with tinfoil with holes poked in the top so it wouldn’t get mushy on the way to school.  I also had a few squeezes of sugar-free maple syrup.  It took 5 mins to prep and cook in total and it was a filling breakfast!  I ate it at my desk with a coffee and a banana!

Got a morning gym session tomorrow morning which means I have a 4:15 a.m. wake up call.  Good news is that I have my lunch and breakfast all made, and my work clothes packed.  Tomorrow morning should be effortless!



3 thoughts on “Out with the old….

  1. Shoes are so important, and until this year I never really did anything about it. I went to the local Fleet Feet and got the full treatment. My shoes were actually a half size too big. But since then I think I have been running better.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVVEEE my new shoes! The guy at the store really helped picked out the perfect pair for me. They feel like slippers!

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