Three Cheers for RAY!!

Goooodddd afternoon!  I hope everyone who live around Boston is having/will have/did have the chance to get outside to enjoy the weather.  I was up at 6:45 to get ready for Running Club and it as 68 degrees at that time.  I think the weekend temps are supposed to get up to 80 degrees.  I’ll take it!

Getting up this morning was HARDER than it has been for me in a long time, and I can chalk it up to three big changes in my fit life that happened all at once this week.

  1. A.M. Gym- getting up at 4:15ish three mornings this week to get to the gym allowed me to get the gym out-of-the-way for the day but it definitely didn’t get me to bed any earlier!  Even though I tried I still didn’t ht the sack until passed 10 each night.
  2. New Weight Routine- so far it is the HARDEST set of weights we have made.  My whole body has hurt the whole week from each little (back, chest, tri’s/bi’s, and legs) group worked and now that I have worked all four- OUCH!
  3. Running Club-  My body is adjusting very well to the new shoes 🙂 but running definitely tires your legs!

I am definitely taking a day off tomorrow.  I’d like to go outside for a walk to enjoy the warm weather and maybe do a little shopping!  I hate how fast weekends go by but I can look at it a little more positively: the warm weather makes the two days off amazing!

Going back to last night, I went to Amy’s and she was a terrific hostess/cook.  Mo, Amy, and I shared one bottle of  Menage a Trois wine.  It is a Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet blend from California and it is fruity and fuller-bodied than other reds.

our second bottle we opened, but didn't finish

I munched on some Soy and Flaxseed “Tostitos with the most chunkless salsa I have ever seen (I hate chunks in my foos, so the more like water salsa is the better!)  Flaxseed is a great source of protein and dietary fiber.

For dinner, was Mango Chicken and Salsa Brown Rice.  The Mango Chicken was browned in a pan with EVOO and garlic powder.  I think there were toasted sesame seeds in it as well.  Diced mangoes and tomatoes were obviously in the mix too!  I had never had fresh mango, nevermind cooked mango and I LOVED it both ways!  Yeah for trying new foods and liking them!

In the pan....

On the plate!!

Dessert was a glass of raspberry/lime Seltzer water and a scoop of Purely Decadent, dairy free, mint chocolate chip ice cream.  This ice cream is made with coconut milk instead of milk from a cow and it had great flavor.  At first I thought I could taste the coconut milk but I mostly tasted the mint.  Delish!

After doing my homework for Running Club (only 7 of the 70 people showed up! Hurray for the dedicated few!) I picked up my fresh fruit for the week at the Farmer’s Market on Main street.  I got:

Strawberries (2lbs for $4)

Blueberries (1pt for $2)

Grapes (2.5lbs for $1.50 each)

4 oranges for $1 and 2 plums for $1

I am stocked up on “nature’s candy” for the week and then had to go home- RAY LAMONTAGNE tickets went on sale at 10!  Mo, Amy, and I were on a three-way call at 9:55 in anticipation of them going on sale.  He is co-headlining with David Gray so that is twice the amount of fans trying to get tickets.  I was sweating and my heart was racing because I was so anxious to get them.  GUESS WHAT?  I did!  To both shows!  I am going to one with the ladies, and one with my gentleman 😉   In case you missed it I got “Ray-D-D” back in March when I got word that he was touring this summer with David Gray.  I dedicated a whole post to him, check it out!

Any other Ray fans out there?  Have you seen any of his shows? If you have, you know why I love him so much!

After all the excitement I took a much-needed nap!  Now I am baking some White Chocolate chip Craisin cookies and taking them to Jack’s parents for their BBQ.  It is my first one for the season!




2 thoughts on “Three Cheers for RAY!!

  1. It looks like you got some great deals on fruit at your farmer’s market. Did everything taste as good as it looks in your photos? I love Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream, too. The mint chip is one of my favorite flavors, and the new cookies ‘n cream flavor is pretty amazing, too.

    • I mix the strawberries and blueberries in vanilla yogurt for snack each day and eat the grapes with my lunch ( I am a creature of habit!). I will have to try the cookies and cream P.D, thanks for the suggestion!

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