Do you RUN on Dunks?

Hey guys!  I just got back from a multi-city tour in the search of ice coffee.  This morning I was up at 4:15.  I started my day with some pre-workout fuel: one muffin with 1 tblsp peanut butter.  As I predicted last night these muffins were heavy and very filling.  So much so that even though I ate it 45 minutes before my workout, I could still feel it sitting like a brick in my stomach.  Not a pleasant feeling while lifting 😦  Today was Abs and Day 1 weights- Chest and Triceps.

This morning aftter the gym I tried to find coffee in three different places before giving up!  In the end I opted to buy a Starbucks Frappucino at Walgreens because I was scared that the combination of no caffeine, no water, and children would leave me with a severe headache!  It was nowhere as good as my regular coffee and it didn’t last NEARLY as long.  BOOOOO!! My mom and I hit up a Dunks in Woburn this evening and it wasn’t the least bit busy.  I don’t think everyone in that city realizes how lucky they are to have their coffee available when they want it!  My mom got two iced coffees for work tomorrow!

SWITCHING GEARS: I read that many marathon runners call the week before the event the “don’t do anything stupid” week.  I like this concept a lot!  It takes a lot of mental and physical preparation to accomplish such an extraordinary task.  Since I won’t be running a marathon any time soon I can consider the week before my FIRST race of equal importance, which makes this my “don’t do anything stupid” week.  For that reason, I am going to stick with my regular weight routine and do my Running Club homework the two necessary times, with no extra credit this week!

Did you know that Dick’s Sporting Goods named May National Runner’s Month? They created this campaign to promote the sport and probably sell a lot of running merchandise!

Why do you run?  What motivated you to start? and what keeps you running? At first I ran because I just simply said that was what I was going to do.  I love to sweat and I knew running would do just that.  For me running was a way to step up my “game”.  It wasn’t easy, I didn’t like it,  and I didn’t know “how to” do it.  But as I got used to it I found it gave me time to zone out, time to organize thoughts, time to clear my head.  Running is the time I set aside in the day FOR ME, and that is why I like it most!

It is also Teacher Appreciation Week at my school and today my Principals hosted a breakfast in our honor.  The spread they put out definitely beat out my frozen waffles I was going to eat! There were bagels, scones, fresh fruit, breads, and mini CHeesecake Factory cheesecakes!  Instead of the waffles I opted for a huge bowl of fresh fruit salad and a poppy seed bagel with veggie cream cheese.  Veggie cream cheese is my new favorite cream cheese (aside from the strawberry).  I forgot to take a picture, sorry!  We are also having a luncheon this week hosted by the PTA!

On the way home from school I was a little nervous that a tornado was coming through!  The weather had been so tropical all day!  The sky behind me was bright and sunny and in front of me it was doom and gloom!

When I got home I prepared myself some dinner while trying to figure out how on Earth I would get all my dishes cleaned!  I decided to use every pot I owned to boil water to soak, wash, and rinse my dishes.  This no-water business is getting old fast!  I heard only 48 more hours or so until we get the all clear to use running tap water again!

Dinner was Trader Joe’s wild rice …….

and Rice Crispi breaded chicken.  I took 3 spoonfuls of non-fat non-flavored greek yogurt and a few squirts of honey and mixed them in a bowl.  Then I crushed up some Rice Crispi cereal and Melba Toasts in a baggie with 1 and 1/2 tsp of paprika and some EVOO.  I dipped the chicken in the yogurt mixture, coated it with the bread crumbs, and baked at 375 for 30 minutes.

SEE! Going to the gym in the morning allows me to prepare myself a delicious dinner! When I was doing evening gym I’d get home at 7:30/8 with no ambition to cook.  Frozen pizza and Mac and Cheese were the norm.  Now I am able to get a protein and a complex carb in with each meal.  LOVES IT!

After dinner I went for a walk (again :don’t do anything stupid week) and listened to some Ray 🙂

The sun came out and there was a light breeze!  A perfect spring night!

Well, I am off to watch Intervention (or fall asleep to it at least)! Tomorrow is Week 2 of the Running Club.  And since it is the first Tuesday of the month there is a pizza party after the run.  This is really my kind of club!  I will keep you posted on this week’s topic and “homework”!




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