My new Nutrition Mission!

A good afternoon to you!  I am psyched to squeeze in a post before Running Club tonight!  I am having a fantastic day because: 1) the water ban has been lifted 2) it is beautiful outside 3) it is Week 2 of the Running Club already.  Todays topic is Stretching so I will sure to keep you posted on all my inside tips I get 🙂

Today I stopped at three different D.D to find an iced coffee.  The first had only hot coffee, the second had old iced coffee and no ice, and the third made me the most delicious iced coffee I’ve ever had! Third time really is a charm I guess! I got a medium French vanilla light with skim milk.  I sipped it (as slowly as I could) while eating breakfast.  Today I cut my Whole Grain Muffins into pieces, mixed it with 1 tblsp peanut butter, and a half of sliced banana.  It hit the spot and kept me full until snack!

My Nutrition Mission:

Food, no doubt, gets kids excited.  I can tell by the pandemonium that erupts in my class which foods excite them more just by taking lunch count.  Macho Nachos, quesidilla, Hot Pockets, and pepperoni pizza are some of their favorites while yogurt/pretzel/cheese wedge and Caesar salads go to waste. From the moment they walk into school they are waiting to eat.  Waiting to eat breakfast (muffins anyone?), waiting to eat snack (oh, just wait), waiting to eat lunch (what exactly is a Rib-B-Q?).  I have issues with what they choose to eat for all three of these times, but the bone I am picking today is with snack.

Snack is a time for students to energize themselves, and we have it each day around 10:30.  Personally I couldn’t make it from 8:30 until 12:30 without refueling so there is no way I could expect my kids to do the same!  It is widely suggested that we eat 5 to 6 small meals a day, as opposed to three meals, anyway. My snack guidelines for parents are to send their kid with a healthy snack that can be eaten, with minimal clean up, in 5 to 10 minutes, but I really can’t deny the child the right to eat whichever snack they bring in.  Each day for snack I eat yogurt and fresh fruit and watch, in horror, at the spectacle that is Fourth Grade Snack time.  Snack happened today as follows:

  • They were given, say, 8 minutes to eat their snack.
  • Two students pulled out healthy snacks: one Activa yogurt, the other a container of berries
  • Several students had individual snack packs of various treats: cookies, Pringle’s, graham crackers
  • A majority of students were eating grab size bags (not snack size bags) of Doritos, Pringle’s, Cheetos, and Hot Fries.  One student was even eating a “Jamaican Beef Pocket” with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.  WHAT THE HELL IS A JAMAICAN BEEF POCKET ANYWAY?
  • I called for the trash to be sent around, which sent the students directly above into a panic: there was bags crumbling, crumbs flying, food being shoved down their throats, followed by fingers being licked clean (ewwww).  Let’s keep in mind they had breakfast 2 hours ago and lunch in two hours.
  • All of the above students finished their ENTIRE SNACK PORTION– from the single serving to the multiple serving.

For some reason, today’s snack time, though very routine, left me feeling distraught. I really want to encourage healthy eating habits in my classroom (obviously my yogurt and fruit have not been enough).  I know I do not have control over what parents are sending in with their kids, and I would never fuss about poor snack choices, but I can fuss over GREAT SNACK CHOICES! I want to sneak in nutrition/fitness talk during snack to spark an interest and see where it goes from there.  Here is what I thought about so far:

  1. Point out healthy snacks brought in
  2. Talk about a new recipe/food/fruit I tried
  3. Keep a list of the healthy snacks brought in by students
  4. Mention the food pyramid and how different types of foods satisfy the different needs of our bodies
  5. Talk about portion size and explore what that means for our snacks
  6. Have students share/ talk about their healthy snack choices

How else could I sneak in some fitness/nutrition talk?

Is this a little ambitious? Yes, but you’ve got to start somewhere! I guess the only formal approach I have it to try to be as casual about it as possible. It really isn’t going to take up any extra time during my day, just the 8 minutes they get to eat snack!  I found a great website which looks like a great tool to help me in my Nutrition Mission.  It is called “Kids Nutrition Simplified”

Are you a teacher who stresses over student snack choices?  How have you handled the snack matter in your classroom?  Do you have any resources/insight you can share??

A lot to think about!  I am just going to take the idea and run with it. Thoughts please!

Well, it has now started down pouring, but don’t worry, Running Club is rain or shine! Last week it did the same and it ended up being the best night for a run!

Until later



One thought on “My new Nutrition Mission!

  1. Lisa,

    I think the kids would be interested in what you are doing! I think it would spark their interest and make them think about their choices.

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