Week 2 Running Club Recap

Just got back from Week 2 and have nothing but great things to report.  First off, much like last week it looked pretty rainy and gloomy for a bit.  I was nervous I was going to have to run in the rain.  See, it’s not that I’m scared I’ll melt, but currently I say I can’t run in the rain (wouldn’t want to get blisters) and doing so with the Club would leave me with no excuse NOT to run in the rain.  Mother Nature has blessed us with another breezy, cool night for a run!


This week we did walk 3/run 3 . Amy, Nicole (welcome to the club Nic!), and I made sure we were at the head of the pack.  Last week we got stuck somewhere in the middle and had to run at an unnaturally slow pace.  By “unnaturally slow” I mean a pace where I felt like I was tripping over my feet because it should have been my fast walking pace, not my slow running pace (if that makes sense).

This week I was really able to run at a more regular pace, and made sure I talked the whole time!  I chatted with one of the official members of the Club and picked his brain about running races, especially half-marathons.  I know Sunday is my first race, and it is a 3.5 miler but I am already looking to a bigger goal! Just asking questions and getting answers!

After we met in a parking lot to discuss stretching.  Here is the scoop:

  • Stretching regularly decreases your chance of injury and potentially enhances your performance.  It is especially important for new runners who tend to get injured do to overuse.
  • It helps prevent aches, pain, and soreness.
  • DON’T stretch prior to running because your muscles are cold.  If you feel the need, you should do so after a 5 to 10 minute jog to get blood flowing.
  • Stretch immediately after a run.
  • You should feel tension in muscles while stretching, NOT PAIN.
  • Hold your stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.

The types of stretches you do depends on what you need for your body.  We were taken through several stretches by one of the members, who happens to be a Yoga teacher.  She stressed the importance of proper form, and paying attention to your body’s alignment in each of the stretches.  She also said that stretching should be a part of your daily routine, regardless of if you run or not.  Now, between you and me, a former personal trainer once told me that I am “as flexible as a 2 by 4” when he was stretching me out, so stretching is definitely something I need to be doing regularly to increase my flexibility.

Here are the stretches I am going to give a shot:

  1. Plantar Fascia Stretch: Standing with ball of foot on a stair, reach for the bottom of the step with your heel until a stretch is felt through the arc of the foot.
  2. Quad Stretch: Pull heel toward butt until a stretch is felt in the front thigh.  Be sure you are standing straight and tall for this one!
  3. Gastroc Stretch: Keeping back leg straight, with heel on the floor and turned slightly outward, lean into wall until a stretch is felt in the calf

HOMEWORK: do the walk 3/run 3 for 30 minutes (that’s 5 cycles) two times before next Tuesday (and it can not be Monday)!  This is potentially the only homework I’ve ever done where I DIDN’T procrastinate and do it last second!

When I got home I poured myself a Seltzer/pomegranate Mocktail and made a Flatbread pizza.  I had planned on having pizza with the Club but decided that next month I would feel more social and stay on the first Tuesday!

My “Mocktail” is Lime Raspberry Seltzer water and a splash of Pom juice.

Pizza was a flatbread with 3 tblsp of Pastene marinara sauce, a handful of mozz cheese, and one slice of pepper jack cheese ripped in pieces.  Bake in the oven at 350 until crispy!

All together now!

Well, it’s morning gym tomorrow so I’ve got to get packed.  GOOD NEWS?  Tomorrow is the teacher luncheon for Teacher Appreciation Week and it is going to be catered, so I don’t have to make a lunch!  We even have subs covering our classes so the whole staff can eat together for ONE WHOLE HOUR!  That’s going to feel like heaven compared to the 20ish minutes on a regular day!

Sweet dreams!



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