Week 3 Running Club

Hola!  How was your Tuesday? Mine was just great! 🙂  Tuesdays may be my choice for best day of the week, because of Running Club of course!

This morning for breakfast I made myself some peanut butter French toast.  While I cooked I YouTubed ( is that a word?) some songs to get my day started.  Music is such a motivator!  And I have a secret..I semi-love Just Bieber’s song “Baby”, haha!  I jammed out to that one amongst other songs.

Peanut butter French toast is so simple to make!  As usual, I used 1/3 cup egg white,  a dash of milk, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, but this time I got a little creative with the peanut butter.  Usually I pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds to melt it so it will mix with the egg and milk, but today I spread the peanut butter on each side of the bread BEFORE dipping it in the egg batter.  I cooked it up with a little butter.

VERDICT?  It had much more peanut butter flavor than my previous method.  It’s a keeper for sure!  I ate it at my desk with a sliced banana and a medium Dunkin Dark Roast light with skim milk.

Today, I was a little crazy, and opted to do my Thursday Day 3 weights after school before Running Club.  I have a meeting on Thursday after school and know that I will want to run after, not hit the gym then run.  These little random changes of schedule really spice up my routine, and boy I bet I will be glad on Thursday that it is out-of-the-way!

My mid-afternoon, pre-gym snack was a Lemon Larabar.  It was chewy and VERY lemon-y, LOVES IT!  It had all natural ingredients:  dates, cashews, almonds, lemon juice concentrate, natural lemon flavor.

After the gym I headed home to get ready to run and pack up stuff for tomorrow.  Around 5:30 I melted a tablespoon of peanut butter in the microwave and cut up a Fuji apple into pieces to dunk in the peanut butter.  MMMMMMM, I am loving peanut butter today I guess.

Running Club Week 3: Breathing

This week’s intervals were walk 3/run 5.  The weather was amazing!  No rain in sight, and a bit chilly when I started, but overall perfect running weather because I was sweating but didn’t even know! (which is the NUMBER ONE THING I love about outdoor running, as opposed to a treadmill) I felt I kept a good pace and chatted with two other teachers about end of the year wrap up and MCAS.  It is nice to get to know other runners/teachers/people interested in getting fit!

This week we talked about breathing while running.  We were told to make sure we check in with the two halves of our bodies before starting a run: your upper half for breathing, and your lower half for how your legs are feeling.

Breathing Tips from the article: “The Fast Lane: Every Breath you Take” by Ed Eyestone

  • Breathing is automatic and runners should not focus on “breathing techniques” such as “in through nose out through mouth”
  • Optimal breathing while running comes from breathing through your nose and mouth.
  • Try this:  Take two quick, deep breaths through your nose……Now do the same through both your nose and you mouth.  See what he means?  You get more air when you breathe through both!
  • Do not try to consciously control your breathing rate while you run, though doing so occasionally will help you determine workout intensity.  See below:
  • 3 to 3: means you run three strides while you breathe in, and 3 strides when you breath out, this is a good warm up pace.
  • 2 to 2: two strides per inhale, two per exhale, a good training pace
  • 2 to 1: two strides while breathing in, one while breathing out (or vice versa),this is normal breathing pattern for a tempo run ( a tempo run is when you run at a steady pace but at high intensity)
  • 1 to 1: one per inhale, one per exhale, great pace for when the finish line is in sight!

“Breath through your mouth.  Breath through your nose.  Suck the air in through your ears, if you can” ~ Arthur Lydiard

Side Stitches (from Hal Higdon’s Beginning Runner’s Guide)

Every get one of these? They are those cramps on your back/stomach/rib area you get while you run.  They are very painful!  I can’t remember getting them recently but am glad we were given a little info about what to do if I should get them mid-run!

  1. Eating too soon before a run can cause them.  Keep eating solid foods to two hours before a run.
  2. Your body is telling you to slow down!  So slow down!
  3. If it is a continual side ache, check with a doctor that it is not any medical conditions.
  4. Change your breathing pattern (see above)
  5. Massage the area, pinch the area, swing your arms around in circles backwards and forwards.

Dinner tonight was something sweet: Yoplait Light Key Lime Pie yogurt and a big bowl of Trader Joe’s Twigs and stuff cereal with skim milk.  Yum!

In other news: I signed up for a 5 mile race on May 30th (the weekend before my Harpoon race) up in Haverhill.  I am super excited because the course is flat and goes along the water front so it should be very scenic.  Amy and Maureen are running it too!  Who knew running could be so fun and social!! 😉

I am currently working on a playlist for the race based on the song “Airplanes” by B.O.B.  Have any song ideas that I could possibly add to my playlist?  I am looking for hip hop/rap/r & b!!  Please share if you do!!

Well folks, 4:15 comes pretty early so I need to be getting to bed!




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