Baby Bliss Potatoes and Aliens

How is your Sunday treating you? Mine is so relaxing and wonderful that I am not so mad the weekend flew by as fast as it did, just yet 😉  Like I mentioned yesterday, I went to my cousins’ birthday party yesterday afternoon.  It was a BBQ, the first of the season for me!  I had some steak tips and grilled chicken as well as some of my mom’s homemade macaroni salad.  I didn’t take any pics of the food because (to be honest) I didn’t even think about it!  I did take a picture of my first beverage:

Ever since my epic trip to Vermont I has been obsessed with fruit flavored beer.  Well, I haven’t really drank very much of it, but I have been thinking about it a lot (especially in the warm weather).  I have been trying to find the Longtrail Blackbeary Wheat that I drank when I visited the brewery, but I can’t find it at any liquor store around here. Or maybe I am missing it? It doesn’t matter anyway because my point is, I settled on Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde.  This beer is fantastic, and not super sweet.  I only had one then switched to Miller Lite.  We got home around 6 and took at nap (well I basically went to bed!).

I love pics of the sun!

I woke up this morning and the sun was blasting through my skylight.  I knew I would not be able to relax on the couch with the sun shining directly on my head, so I decided my run needed to take place ASAP. Usually I wake up, eat breakfast, wait 45 minutes or so, then head out.  But today I needed to get out there like yesterday.  I decided on a Peanut Larabar.  I am so addicted to these, because unlike the Special K bars and Nutri-Grain bars, these fill me up!

Problem was, that I ate the bar and then left for my run like 20 minutes later.  It didn’t have enough time to digest and give me energy, so when I ran I felt like I was running on LOW (not empty, just low).  I decided that I would run 4-4.5 miles and set out with my Nike Running Sensor.  Well, I didn’t even start the sensor, so after running for 37 minutes I had no idea how far I had already run (another reason why I like pre-distanced routes).  I assumed that I ran about 3.5/4 miles and called it a day.  The run was fantastic- the whole time I thought about possible songs I could put on my next running mix.  I felt very relaxed through the entire run, I really enjoyed zoning out and being in my own head.

For lunch, Jack and I went to Panera Bread.  I got a diet Pepsi and a half soup and salad.  For soup I got French onion with no croutons or cheese.

Salad was a half asian chicken.  It has sliced almonds, chicken (which I never actually eat for some reason), romaine lettuce, and crispy wontons.

Late this afternoon we watched (OK, Jack watched) the Celtics game and we read two new books we picked up.

One is titled “The Eerie Silence” and it gives thoughts and reasons why aliens haven’t contacted us here on Earth if there are so many aliens out there.  The other is If You have to Cry Go Outside, and other things your mother never told you” and is about finding your inner voice and following your dreams to fulfill the life you want, not what others want.  Guess who is reading which? We actually had a read off, where I would read an entire page and try to have a conversation about something serious, like the soul, and he’d be coming back at me with some ridiculous facts about alien abductions. I’m now convinced Men really are from Mars...

I cooked a really light and Spring-like dinner.  I had some baby red bliss potatoes that I needed to cook so I gave oven roasted potatoes a shot.

Oven Roasted Potatoes

  • 1 pound baby red bliss potatoes, cut in quarters
  • EVOO (enough to coat, about 1/4 cup)
  • Spices of your choosing (I did crushed red pepper, garlic powder, and fresh thyme)

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Soak whole potatoes in salted water for 1 hour, remove from water, then cut in quarters.  Place in bowl, drizzle in EVOO and spices and mix until all are coated evenly.  Bake in oven for 45 min to an hour, or until browned and can be pierced with a fork.

I marinated the chicken in Newman’s Own Mesquite Lime marinade for about 45 minutes.  I pan seared the chicken tenders (just so they lightly cook on the outside) and then baked them in the over for 30 minutes.  I like pan searing them first because in doing this I have found the chicken does not dry out and the flavor sticks.  I cooked them 15 minutes on one side, basting them with extra marinade, then flipping.  The lime flavor in the marinade was very refreshing and subtle.

Well, now I am couch bound to read some more of my book and watch a little TV.  I think there are only 5 more Monday wake-ups this school year!  This week is MCAS week in fourth grade, I am definitely going to have to do a lot of running to reduce my stress levels!

Have a good night!



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