Taking Time for ME :)I

Happy Friday evening folks! Sorry for no post last night or this afternoon but I decided I needed a “ME” night.  See, this urge has been brewing for a couple of weeks and gradually made its way into the forefront of my mind and completely took over at 2:00 yesterday afternoon.  And let’s face it- there really is nothing wrong with taking a little time for yourself!

Had I’d been listening to my body telling me to take some time for myself, the feeling probably wouldn’t have been as urgent as it felt yesterday:

  1. The constant need to eat (everything and anything!), nothing “hit the spot”
  2. Feeling groggy during morning gym session and having a tougher time waking up to get ready.
  3. Having a hard time making decisions: what to wear, what to eat, what I wanted to do
  4. Tension headaches across the front of my forehead that would pop up midday
  5. No desire to do anything that involves movement 🙂

Does this ever happen to you? Just feel the need to do, well, NOTHING!

So I scrapped my plans to blog post, gym it, and run and opted to have dinner in with Jack and call it an early night!   One of my super-thoughtful coworkers brought me in some fresh Italian cookies from Luberto’s Bakery (Thanks B!) 😉 .  I shared the goodies with my colleagues, but ate my fair share throughout the day.  I love the pink ones and yellow ones.

I also snacked on a Coconut Larabar on my drive home.

Since Jack had a meeting after walk, I walked to the wine shop at the end of my street, Beacon Hill Wine and Spirits and bought a bottle of Menage a Trois Rose.

This wine store is great because a while back I was looking for a new wine and they made some suggestions and I loved every one of them!  Yesterday, the clerk told me the Rose was amazing so I knew I couldn’t go wrong.  It is a three grape blend of Syrah, Merlot, and Gewürztramine.  I have never met a wine I didn’t like and was excited to give a rose a try!  It was fruity and delicious!  A great summer alternative to a plain white wine.  I love expanding my horizons!

On my way back to my apartment I decided to sit outside Brueggar’s Bagels and read a little of Kelly Cutrone’s book “If you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you”.  I am loving it so far and read for about an hour and a half (while people watching of course).

I got home, poured myself my glass of wine and cut up a few Roma tomatoes I had in my fridge and drizzled them with Newman’s Own Balsamic vinaigrette dressing as a pre-dinner snack.

By the time Jack came over around 7 with a Regina’s pizza- half cheese (for me!) and half pepperoni (for him)- I felt totally relaxed!  I had 3 pieces with a glass of wine.  Mmmmm.

I was in bed at 9 and slept until 4:30.  I definitely didn’t want to get up to go to the gym!  But I did, because one of the upsides (and downsides I guess) to having a gym buddy is that they are depending on you to show up when you schedule a gym session.

For breakfast, I FINALLY finished up my Pom juice with my last batch of Blueberry oatmeal.

When I got to the gym I did the first little bit of ABS and couldn’t want to do anything else.  Good news is- my gym buddy didn’t want to either!  So we basically sat on the bosu balls and talked about, well anything!

I suspect that I am ready to switch up my ABS routine and need to take a gym-break for next week.  I am running the 5 mile Memorial Day Race in Haverhill next Sunday and can’t have a tired body when I am trying to push myself!

This afternoon I took a nap (from 3 to 8, oops!), woke up and cooked a Trader Joe’s Pesto pizza.  It had pesto, mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, and brocoli florets on it.  Very tasty!

I am going to do Running Club intervals tomorrow morning and heading to a wedding tomorrow afternoon.  Sunday I am going to attempt a long run!

What are your plans for the weekend???

What ever you do, enjoy it!



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