To Run or not to Run…

I was so beat last night that I decided (last night around midnight) that I would not set my alarm to wake up to run with the Club at 8. I do love the company while I run but I really, really wanted to just sleep in, so I did!  I woke up around 9:30 and lounged in bed watching “Little Black Book” with Brittany Murphy.  I do love that movie and watch at least part of it every time I find it on TV.

Anyway, when I finally got up I had myself a Chocolate coconut Larabar and debated running.  To run, or not to run, that was the question. I knew that I wouldn’t regret running, and would definitely regret not running, but my body was kind of whispering “Don’t run”.

Well (as you could probably have guessed) I ran, and it was the best run I have had in a while!  I started out of the Walk/Run route (I didn’t do the intervals, just ran 🙂 ) and then decided I wasn’t done.  I took a couple of lefts, a couple of rights, and ended up running just under 4 miles (3.92 miles in 33 ish minutes to be exact).

Here is what made it a great run:

  1. It was pretty warm when I was in the sun but there was a slight breeze to keep me cool.  I was wearing some new running pants and one of the shirts I got (on clearance) from Target.  I was dressed appropriately for once!
  2. I switched up my playlist. Funny thing is, though, that even thoughI heard the music, I wasn’t really listening to it!  I actually zoned out like I did when I ran the Mother’s Day Race (which is how I knew it was a good run!).
  • “Eleanor Rigby” Beatles
  • “Video” India Arie
  • “Forever” Chris Brown
  • “Bartender” T-Pain/Akon
  • “Beautiful” Akon/Colby O’Donis
  • “Paper Planes” M.I.A
  • “Kiss Kiss” Chris Brown
  • “Stripper Song” Wyclef Jean
  • “Buy U a Drink” T-Pain
  • “I Wanna Love You” Akon
  • “Free Falling” Tom Petty

After I took a shower, I headed to the Farmer’s Market that sets up on Main St every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  They really have great deals on all sorts of fruits and veggies.  I LOVE that they let you sample the fruits you are interested in buying to make sure they are just right for your taste buds.  Today they actually sliced open an avocado for me to try!  They are an excellent source of “good fat”.  I was pleasantly surprised that I actually LIKED IT!  I didn’t buy one because they told me I would need to eat it by Monday at the latest (and I knew I wouldn’t).  Now I need to find a way to incorporate it into a meal- maybe with a sandwich?

Any suggestions on how to eat avocado??

I bought a pound of cherries (mmmm, I love cherries), strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  I also got one cucumber.

I also stopped at Bruegger’s Bagels to get some brunch.  I got a pumpernickel bagel with their strawberry yogurt spread.  My word- this combination was AMAZING!  The strawberry yogurt spread is a mix of cream cheese and yogurt.

I also tried a Naked Tropical Smoothie. It is made with 100% juice, and the only sugars in the drink were from the natural fruits.  It had cherries, coconut water, mango, passion fruit, orange, apple, and a hint of pineapple.  Very tasty.

Now I am sitting on my couch, painting my nails and watching “My Girl”. Thomas J. just stepped on the beehive when he was trying to find Vada’s mood ring.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so I won’t tell you what happens, but he is allergic to bees so you know the outcome can’t be too good.

Wedding in Nahant this afternoon!

Talk to you later!



2 thoughts on “To Run or not to Run…

  1. Lisa…..Avocado’s are tatsy with turkey!

    BTW…..I still cry at the end of My Girl even though I know the ending!

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