It’s been coming for some time now..

So I haven’t been feeling 100% for the past week or so.  Like I said before I wasn’t feeling the gym and have been pretty bored with food, and (as Jack can attest to) I have been semi-grumpy.  Thursday I felt run down and decided I needed to take some me time.  In the light of all things mentioned, and in preparation for my first five-mile race next weekend, I have decided to take the week off from the gym and focus on resting my body and doing just some short, fun runs.

Well, it seems the Universe has a funny way of agreeing with me! You see, I already knew how hard it will be to step out of my ordinary routine of working out and was anticipating the feelings of guilt/laziness that will inevitably creep in my mind sometime tomorrow but I woke up this morning feeling less than stellar. Last night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with the most raging sore throat I have had in a loooonnnggg time.  It is accompanied with an achy jaw/ear and a sore neck.  I have also started getting nauseous too.  Nooooooo!  I hate being sick like this!  Especially when it is so close to the end of the school year and there is so much to do!  To top it off I have no plans done and a 2 hour meeting after school tomorrow- that means no sick day for me!  Nonetheless, feeling like crap will make it easy to take a break this week!

Even feeling as sick as I was I still wanted to get out an enjoy the warm, sunny weather.  Jack and I decided to take a walk from his house to get a coffee at this small coffee shop near the Boston Garden.  We discovered this coffee shop on our last walk through Boston and he loves that it is all fair-trade coffee beans and products.

Well, we got there and it was closed.  Fail!  So we walked over to the North End (which was so busy!) and stopped in the Cafe Vittoria.

The decor was very cool and eclectic.  There were pictures and paintings all over the walls.

I got an iced cafe mocha with two extra shots of espresso (only because Jack ordered first and I decided to have the same).  It was made with whole milk, espresso, and hot chocolate.  It was really good.

I also got two chocolate dipped almond biscotti!

On the way back to Charlestown we walked a little of the Freedom Trail.  For someone who has lived 15 minutes from the Freedom Trail my whole life, I have to admit, I don’t think I have ever walked the entire thing!

It is so fun to walk around Boston with Jack 🙂   It makes me very happy!  When we got back into Charlestown, we stopped for a slush.  I got a small half mango, half lemon.  It was my first slush of the season and was great because my throat was so sore.

Then we walked a little more.

By the end of our walk around the world we had worked up quite an appetite and decided to head over to Joe’s American Bar and Grill on Newbury Street.  They relocated to the old TGIFriday’s and they have a nice space that is partially outdoors (the windows and ceiling open).  We sat inside because the wait was nonexistent, as opposed to 45 minutes to sit outside!

I was so hungry I had no idea what to order!  So I started with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (you can never go wrong with a glass of wine) and some Pan-fried mozzarella.

I also had a garden salad with ranch dressing.

For dinner it was a toss-up between a Honey Chicken Salad, Grilled Cheese with sweet potato fries, or Mac and Cheese.  Our waitress suggested the Mac and Cheese, so I went with that.  I was not disappointed but couldn’t eat to much of it!  It had a very light, creamy cheese sauce and was topped with breadcrumbs.  Leftovers are lunch tomorrow!

When we got home I napped for an hour or so and woke up feeling as bad as I did, if not worse than, this morning.  BLAH!  I do not like feeling like this! Jack went to Johnnie’s with me and got me some Tylenol cold stuff and ice cream.  I took a hot shower and two of the Tylenol Cold things (both have helped a little).

Now I am blogging and watching Lost.  It is the finale and, funny enough, the first and only time I have ever watched it.  I pretty much have no clue what is going on but Jack is pretty mesmerized by it.

My gosh, weekends really do fly by!   And how was your weekend?



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