Week 5 Running Club Recap

What’s up kids?  I just got back from Running Club Week 5 and I feel amazing.  I LOVE RUNNING! Almost more than anything in my life 😉  This week was walk 3/run 8 and there were significantly LESS people this week than any other.  Like last week, we went out for the run in waves.  I chose to stay back and head out with the final group.  Not because I am a speed demon, but because that group had less Walk to Runners and more actual Running Club members.  I ran with a member who has been running with the club for 6 years!  It was great.

As anyone in the Boston area could tell you, temps were pretty steamy today and since I am accustomed to rainy Tuesdays for Running Club, I was unsure of what to wear (lucky for me it was “Apparel Week”, see below!).

sorry for the blur- but you get the point!

Tonight I wore:

  • Blue Under Armour t-shirt (Don’t wear cotton when you run!)
  • Black Under Armour shorts
  • Pink Puma tank top
  • Puma socks
  • Asics sneakers

Week 5 Topic: Why do we do this?? and What do we wear??

PART 1: Why do we do this?

Many people have in their head what a runner is and what a runner is not.  Some think a runner can run 3 miles, others think a true runner finishes marathons in lightening speed.  In thinking about how you can “become a runner” it isn’t necessarily thinking about the end result, as much as it is more about the enjoying the journey.  Running is a process, not a destination.  In the article “Are We There Yet” by John Bingham, he states, ” Refusing to feel happy until you reach your destination is the worst possible approach.  Waiting to celebrate until the end is nearly missing all the wonderful moments along the way.”  The key is to setting ONE BIG GOAL and setting up smaller goals to achieve along the way!

SOME TIPS from our weekly articles:

Be consistent to see results.

Drink lots of water

Buying new “running clothes” can help you feel the part!

You can’t be arrested for going too slow!

Sometimes, less is more


Becoming a runner is a process

So before we ran we were asked to reflect about why we run.  I am not really a fan of public speaking so I didn’t share, but I have several reasons why I run:

  1. To relieve stress and clear my head
  2. To sweat
  3. To challenge myself.  I am always surprised at what I can do when I push myself!
  4. To maintain my weight loss and stay in shape
  5. To socialize!
  6. For pure enjoyment, and the “runner’s high” you get after a run

Reasons why I don’t run:

  1. To be the fastest or win a race (not yet at least 😉 )
  2. Because I feel like I have to

Why do you run??

PART 2: What do I wear?

Every week the Walk to Runners have been told we are all overdressed.  Today we got a peek into what apparel works for a couple of club members.  They gave some good tips!

  1. Always wear SUNSCREEN with a SPF of 30 or higher!  Even on short 30 minute runs you are at risk for skin cancer
  2. A supportive sports bra ( you want one that will minimize motion while exercising)
  3. Don’t run in cotton socks (blister city) or cotton shirts (they trap in sweat, ewww)
  4. WATER!  Drink LOTS and LOTS of water to stay cool

It is interesting to note that for many items you can wear and use for running, you do not need to spend a great deal of money.  Target and Marshalls (among others) offer a great selection of running apparel.  And just like anything else, you need to find what works best for you and what make you more comfortable!  For instance, one thing I do know is that I HAVE to double up my shirts and layer a longer, tight tank top with a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt.  It is what makes me feel comfortable!

Anyhow,  I just got home and devoured my chicken caesar salad and a piece of cornbread.  Running made me super hungry tonight!

Chicken Caesar Salad

  • 1 pound chicken strips
  • a dash of hot sauce
  • 1/4 cup terriakyi sauce
  • a few dashes of caesar salad dressing
  • 3tblsp apple sauce

Mix all of the above in a bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.  Preheat oven at 375 and cook chicken in ungreased glass pan for 20 minutes.

Add to the top of a salad of your choosing.  Mine had romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green olives, and croutons.

I also tried to make some whole wheat corn bread tonight to go with my salad.  I was not disappointed.  I found this Hodgson Mill brand in the baking aisle near the brownies and stuff.  I have never really had home-made corn bread and this tasted pretty good compared to the one other time in my life I had it.

It is very easy to make: 1 tablespoon veggie oil, 3/4 cup milk, 1 egg.  That’s it.  Cook in a greased pan or muffin time for about 15 minutes!

OK, it is now about 10 p.m. and I am dying to lay on the couch and relax/fall asleep.  If you ever want a copy of any of the articles I get from Running Club, email me you name and address and I will send you copies of the ones you are interested in!  They really have some good stuff!




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