Crumbling Crepes and Book Clubs

Soooo today was hotter than yesterday, WAY hotter!  On the way to school Billy Costa (the forecaster on the radio) said that it was 77 degrees and that was at 7 a.m.  My classroom was pretty much a million degrees by 8:20 when the kids came piling in.  We were all sweaty, cranky messes before we even corrected our Morning Work.  Somehow, by the grace of God, I managed to make it through the day!

I will start by saying Running Club left me with way too much energy last night to even sleep. I was still wide awake at almost 11 which is passed my regular bedtime.  Unfortunately, Running Club did not give me more energy to wake up so I was moving in SLOW MOTION this morning.

For breakfast I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to make crepes.  I have never attempted this before and probably should have tried to find a recipe before attempting it but too late now, and it is not worth regretting.  My Crepe failure began as a mix of 1/2 cup Hodgson Mill whole wheat pancake mix, 1/3 cup egg whites, 1 tblsp EVOO, and 3/4 cup almond milk (I had no regular milk).  I buttered up my only frying pan and poured in most of the batter.  It covered the bottom of the pan and cooked (OK, burned) before I could figure how to flip the monstrosity I had created.   It crumbled and folded and fell apart, but was still edible.

I did salvage it and topped it with some sugar-free syrup and fresh raspberries.  It wasn’t too bad (except for the last bite that was all egg-flavored, ewwww).  Actually, I have never really made/eaten/seen a crepe before so this may be exactly how it was supposed to turn out?!

Anyone have any good crepe recipes?  I will try a fancy, French recipe from scratch or use pancake batter as a base!

A pile of crepes!

After school Bianca, Cindy, and I (the Fourth grade dream team 🙂 ) went out for a quick chapter of Book Club to cool ourselves down and relax after the day.  I had a few Mic Ultras and some nachos.  With my nachos I even had some guacamole!  Since I figured out I wasn’t scared of avocados on Saturday I figured I must like guacamole!

I also stopped at my parent’s house and sat in their yard with my Aunt.  I am reading Tosca Reno’s book about clean eating (Ok, the parts Amy tagged for me at least!).  I actually got like no reading done, because I gave my aunt the run down of my very dramatic/stressful/wildly entertaining day.

The one big take home fact I know I should take away from her book is that the Beautiful/Healthy Body Formula is 80% nutrition + 10% training + 10% genetics. She challenges you to ask yourself: “If I continue doing what I am doing and eating what I am eating, will I look or feel any different 5 years down the road?” When I asked myself that question my answer was probably not.  I thought about where I am now nutritionally and physically and realized that I have made very small and gradual changes to my eating over the past three years (you can check out my ABOUT ME! section to read more).

I believe my biggest misconception was that working out allowed me to eat whatever I wanted in whatever quantity I saw fit.  That is why I did not start seeing the results I wanted until I got control of my eating with Weight Watchers, and from there my eating has evolved into a less restrictive life style change.  I still have a ways to go which is why I am exploring eating options.

ANYWAY- I actually have reading A.D.D lately. I am in the process of reading two books: Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and If You Want to Cry Go out side and other things your mother never told you by Kelly Cutrone.  Both of the books are interesting for totally different reasons.  Pollan’s book focuses on where the food we eat comes from. It is actually the “Young Readers Edition” so it is/will be a quick read when I sit and read it!  Kelly Cutrone’s book has provoked me to analyze myself and my motives for doing the things I do and thinking the way I do.  Her ultimate goal, I believe is to get girls to listen to themselves and what they want to do, not what friends/family/society makes them BELIEVE they should do.

I also bought several fitness and cooking related magazines that I plan to read.  The problem is I want to read and finish them all NOW, this minute!  And have gotten so overwhelmed by the urge to read I can’t possibly pick any of them up to begin!


I stopped at Shaws and picked up some Pom pomegranate juice, yogurt, and a frozen pizza.  I cooked and ate 1/4 of the pizza for dinner and froze the rest.  I know my pizza addiction has surprised many people, and I have tried to limit my cravings for it.  The problem is I have yet to find an equally delicious and easy substitute.  What is a staple food of your diet that you eat either out of pure enjoyment or convenience?

I have been enjoying my week off from the gym.  I find my nights a bit more relaxing because I don’t have to pack my clothes and my food for the next day (though I should because now I procrastinate in the morning).  My body is feeling much less stressed and I know I will be feeling great for the race on Sunday.  If running continues to relieve my stress and challenge me enough I would like to set my sights on a half-marathon for the fall or early spring.  My smaller goal at the moment is to complete my 5-Mile Races this weekend and next in under an hour.  Not too lofty of a goal which makes me excited to get out there and do it!

Peace out



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