Last Minute Run, Spring Cleaning, and Sangria

HELLO? FRIDAY? WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU??  You have been hiding all week and  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have been trying to trick me into thinking they are you.

Has this felt like the longest week in history to anyone besides me??

Anyway- the sign above was posted outside a new little shop that opened up in my town called Cryphon.  I hadn’t even know it was there, and it may not have had this sign not caught my eye.  I went right in and the owner and I briefly chatted about how her kids are so sick of her optimism they don’t even want to talk to her before school.  I thought it was great!  The shop just opened three weeks ago and sells cards for all occasions, fancy candles, lip glosses, and scarfs, as well as quirky, cool inspiration pieces.  This would be a great place to go to find out of the ordinary gifts for friends!

Let’s back track to breakfast.  I stuck with what I knew after the crepe disaster yesterday: french toast. This morning I made it with EVOO spray as opposed to butter and stirred a tablespoon of raspberry jam into the batter.  I didn’t even taste the jam in the end so I must not have added enough.

I ate it at my desk with an iced coffee, sugar-free syrup, a banana, and some raspberries.  This breakfast filled me up, but it didn’t stop me from snacking on a chocolate dipped biscotti and a bowl of fresh fruit during my common planning meeting this morning!

I planned on going for a run after I did a few errands after school so I ate a Ginger Snap Larabar before I left school.  This is a new flavor to me and I did like it because I do like ginger snaps.  This had a real ginger flavor and it was kind of spicy.  Come to find out (after checking out the ingredients) it was made of dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.  Yum!

When I got home though I wasn’t in much of a running mood, and with a messy apartment and a dinner date with Jack at 7, I really couldn’t even want to run.  The one thing I like about running is that I LIKE running. I don’t want to make myself get out there on days I am not feeling it because then it becomes an obligation.  I spent an hour sweeping, Swiffering, dusting, and rearranging my apartment.  I cleaned out my fridge, changed my table-cloth, hung up a picture I bought in November, and bleached my bathroom.  My apartment is pretty tidy to begin with but I love the smell of lemon Pledge and Clorox Bleach.  Smells so fresh and so clean!  Obviously once I get on a roll I can’t stop!

I did finish up my Spring Cleaning around 6 and found myself with a whole hour to kill before Jack was meeting me, and that is when I got motivated to run.  I threw on my sneaks, new capri pants, and a shirt and hit the pavement.  Using my Nike Sensor I played my new playlist and ran a little over 3 1/2 miles in 29 minutes.  I felt so good from beginning to end, and I kind of wanted to keep running (I usually do) but I was almost at my apartment and didn’t really have anyplace else to run to.  Again I used the beginning of my run to organize thoughts and clear my mind, and once I did that I was able to listen to the music and take in the scenery as I ran.


  • “Eleanor Rigby” Beatles
  • “Video” India Arie
  • “Forever” Chris Brown
  • “Bartender” T-Pain/Akon
  • “Beautiful” Akon/Colby O’Donis
  • “Paper Planes” M.I.A
  • “Kiss Kiss” Chris Brown
  • “Stripper Song” Wyclef Jean
  • “Buy U a Drink” T-Pain
  • “I Wanna Love You” Akon
  • “Free Falling” Tom Petty
What do you do when you run?  Think, plan, overanalyze, meditate?

The run put me in a better mood, worked up my appetite, and cleared my head which made dinner so great.  I got home just in time to wash up and fix my hair to meet Jack.  We went to Mexico Lindo which is literally next to my apartment!  We sat outside becasue the sun was out at first, but when it went down I was pretty chilly!

We took our seat outside and started with some chips and salsa.  I love that there salsa is fresh and smooth!

I had two glasses of their home made sangria through throughout the meal.

We also got an order of Nachos Idaho (potato skins) with shredded chicken and cheese.  The platter was HUGE and came with my new favorite food accessory: GUACAMOLE!

My dinner was a veggie burritos that was a flour tortilla stuffed with rice, lettuce, and tomatoes.  It was topped with more tomatoes, parmesan cheese, GUACAMOLE, and a tomato sauce.  It was the first time I explored a different food when eating at a Mexican restaurant. It was very big and I was kind of full of sangria, chips/salsa, and nachos Idaho so I only ate about half.  But my final say is that I would order it again.  It didn’t come out very hot, it was actually kind of cold, but it was tomato-y and soft.  Pretty good!

Jack got called into work in the middle of dinner so we weren’t able to eat dessert (and as the napkins basically say above:life is too short to skip dessert), BUT he ordered me one to go 🙂  He is amazing and he is all mine, be jealous! I got an apple chimichanga.

It is a flour tortilla stuffed with apples and cinnamon.  Topped with caramel and fudge sauce and whipped cream (Drooling yet?).  I basically ran from the restaurant to my apartment (which is in the same parking lot) so I could get a bite of this deliciousness.  When I took the cover off it smell sweet and crispy, like fried dough.  I cut half for myself to eat while I blogged.  The apples were crisp and had the sugary, from the can taste, but I am not complaining!

Truth be told: as soon as I publish this I am going back for seconds 🙂  and if you could taste it I bet you would too!  It is actually inspiring me to think about how it can be recreated with more natural, healthy ingredients.  I really believe that healthy can be sweet and delicious.  Got any ideas? I was thinking wonton wrappers and fresh apples and cinnamon.  Hmmmmm…..

Tomorrow is Friday and we are taking our fourth graders to the park.  A few of my kids want to race me and I guess I will have to wear sandals so I don’t beat them and make them feel bad! 😉 Dinner tomorrow night is at my place with the girls.  We are going to have a hearty pasta meal complete with an appetizer, dessert, and wine!  Big race Sunday.  5 Miles.  I am MORE than ready and SUPER excited.  I would like to run the 5 miles in less than an hour but secretly hope to do it in like 40-45 minutes.  Regardless I will be happy to finish.  Period.

What plans does everyone have for the long weekend??



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