Baldi 5-Mile River Run Recap

I did it! 🙂  Today Maureen, Amy and I headed up to Haverhill, MA to run in the Baldi 5-Mile River Run.  It took about 45 minutes to drive there from my apartment and we were all pretty nervous.  To ease their stress I voluntarily rapped to some old-school Eminem the WHOLE ride there.

We picked up our t-shirts and numbers at the club, but there wasn’t many people there at all!  I was 46, Mo was 47, and Amy was 48!  This was pretty cool because we all registered at different times and still ended with three consecutive numbers.  I was hoping that was our sign that the race was going to go smoothly.

  • It didn’t seem like there were too many runners while we were lining up at the start line.  I remember being calm but anxious to get started. BANG!  Everyone was off running.  It didn’t seem as crowded at the Mother’s Day Race and I was able to pick up my pace pretty quickly.
  • The sun was sooooo bright and very hot! Considering I already got a little burn at the beach, the heat did not make me feel too comfortable, especially my right arm where my itouch band was.
  • I ran with Mo for a little bit- we reached mile 1 at  8 minutes something.  It was nice to start off with her but I find that I need to really zone out to run so eventually I fell into my own pace but couldn’t get out of my own head.
  • Running today was not easy, and the thought of doing it for 5 miles seemed daunting and impossible after I got started.  But I already got up and made it to the race- I had no where to go but back to the finish line with the rest of the runners. The music on my playlist didn’t even distract me enough to enjoy my run until after the second water stop around mile 3.5ish.

There were many times I felt like I wanted to stop, and was amazed each time that thought came to my mind that my legs kept moving. When I finally got to the 4 mile marker I felt a sense of urgency to finish, a mile seemed so do-able.  But a mile is still a long time, for me at least another 9 minutes of running, that is 2ish more songs.  I zoned out and ran and ran and ran.  TWO TIMES I thought the finish line was coming up and TWO TIMES it didn’t!

When I finally did cross, it was 46:30, which is a 9:20 pace.  I finished 170th.  I was pretty psyched because all I wanted to do was finish, and was hoping for a time of 40-45 minutes.  46 isn’t so bad!

We got cool coozies that match our Tshirts!

Take 1...

Take 2...

After the race we changed out of sneakers and into flip-flops then headed to the parking lot by the river to enjoy free adult beverages and music.  It was so great to stick around after the race and unwind.  I couldn’t wait to enjoy my adult beverage after the longest 5 mile run of my life!

The part of running I have come to love (through my two races and Running Club) is the social aspect of it.  It was so fun to experience this race with Maureen and Amy.  We sat in the sun, sipped our beers, and chatted A LOT!

Take 1...

Take 2

We also all brought 6 raffle tickets each in hopes that we would win what has GOT TO BE the most amazing raffle prize: $1,000 worth of liquor!

The list is hard to see, but trust me, this would keep you well stocked throughout the summer and fall, and it came complete with rolaids and aspirin!  As you can probably tell, we didn’t win, but we REALLY wanted to!

We got pretty hungry, but at that point the cookout was over.  Lucky for us there was a bar, The Tap, that had delicious pub food as well as their own brewery.

We sat outside on the deck and it had a cool, antique, factory type of vibe.

I was the driver so I stuck to diet Coke, but I was happy Mo and Amy enjoyed an ice-cold pitcher of Haverhill Brewery’s version of Bud Light.

We ordered a few appetizers for the table to split between the three of us:

hand cut french fries

Thai Buffalo Fingers that were sweet, tangy, and spicy!

and pizza (DUH!)

This race was way different from the other race I ran.  I know that there really isn’t any comparison that could be done between the two because they were both SO DIFFERENT:

  • one was first thing in the morning while the other was mid morning
  • the weather was cool and breezy for one and the other was warm and sunny
  • one was 3.5 miles and the other was 5 miles.
  • I had an easier time getting my head into my first race as opposed to this one.

I am running another 5 mile race for Harpoon next weekend and will run it with the intention to just run it.  Each time you run is so different that it wouldn’t be fair for me to try to beat my PR (personal record) in only one week!  Today I honestly gave it 110%, and really won’t have much more to give next weekend.  I do have one minor change: to start slower!  I should NOT be running my first mile under 9 minutes.  As a runner I am just not that fast yet and I am OK with that!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did.  Did you run any Memorial Day races??

The only thing I have left to do is put up my feet and relax,



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