Wednesday Catch-Up

Well, HELLO there!  I bet you missed me last night!  Between you and me, I was completely exhausted last night and couldn’t keep my eyes open by the time I finished dinner!  I closed my eyes for a cat-nap around 7:30 and only woke up long enough to move from my couch to my bed.  Here was my Wednesday in pictures:

Up at 4 a.m./Pre-gym breakfast: Key Lime Larabar

Headed to gym at 5:10, moon was still out but the sky was lighter than it has ever been pre-gym

Skinny iced Vanilla latte while driving to school

Stoneyfield Non-fat vanilla yogurt with granola and berries for post-gym breakfast

Then I herded my kids over to the field near my school for some annual Field Day Fun.  We played basketball, had relay races, played tug-of-war, ate hot dogs and chips for lunch, and had slush for dessert.  We even sang some patriotic songs to end the day.  It was hazy and warm.  We all got lots of fresh air and sun.  No pics, sorry!

Let’s continue with my Wednesday shall we?

Post Field Day snack and beverage

Then off to City SPorts on Boylston St. to pick up my race materials for Saturday

I'll be number 2231..and my bag came with a cool t-shirt and 3 beer tickets for the post race party!

Dinner was two pieces of frozen Freshetta pizza, loaded with hot pepper...

and roasted potatoes with ketchup

These are the potatoes. I got them in the organic section of the market and they were delicious!

It may not seem like a lot, but waking up so early and spending the entire day in the sun was tiring!

In addition, I have spent so much time in the sun the past four days that I ended up with sun poisoning on my nose.  Ouch!  I have got to be careful and make sure I find a good moisturizer that has a sunscreen in it to protect my skin, especially with all the running I plan to do this summer.  Any suggestions for some good face moisturizer? I need one that will not make my face feel oily and slimy when I sweat 🙂 .

Now let’s back track to Tuesday night and Week 6 of Running Club.

I had an amazing and enjoyable run with fellow Walk to Run members and several official club members.  At this point in the program I feel like we are all getting a handle on our pacing and meeting other runners that are at our pace. We broke up into three groups and I went with the last group.  There were about 6 of us total that ran in my group.  I kept pace and talked the whole 30 minutes.  The intervals were walk 2/run 9 and they went by REALLY FAST!

After Running Club I made myself a whole wheat English muffin with 1 and 1/2 tblsps peanut butter I melted in the microwave for 1 minute (if you haven’t tried this technique please do, it makes spreading it much easier!) and raspberry jelly.

I also cut up a bowl of fresh strawberries.  I find after many of my club nights that I crave sweeter complex carbs as opposed to anything else.

Week 6’s topic was Weight Loss and Nutrition. It is a topic I am very interested in and have been doing a lot of reading on!  We got several handouts on each topic and had a RD (registered dietician) answering questions.  I have not had a chance to read through the handouts yet but will be doing so as I cook Jack and I dinner tonight so I will post my notes later this evening.

Now that the sun is peaking back out from behind those nasty storm clouds I am going to get out to do some errands.

Until later



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