Lazy Days and Racing

Good morning!  I am up early getting ready for the Harpoon 5 Mile race today.  There were some pretty heavy thunderstorms that passed through the Boston area at 3 this morning and the rain was pounding against my windows.  As of right now I think I am still hearing the rumbling of thunder and just pray that the storms have past.  The sun is trying to make its way through- and if I remember watching the race last year as a spectator, the day started off the same way but turned out sunny and warm!  Fingers crossed!

I am excited that it will be cooler than my race last weekend, and I hope that means I will enjoy the run more!  I am definitely going to start off slower this time and just run to run.  Not ever run needs to be a PR (personal record), and I am especially not running to beat my own 5 Mile PR in one week!

The course brings me from the Harpoon Brewery to South Boston and around Castle Island.  I have never run in Boston before so the new scenery will be great.  Oh, and don’t forget my post race beer tickets- if that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is 🙂

I have had a pretty lazy few days here (as you can tell from my lack of posting) but this week I will be back on my regular eating/running/working out/posting schedule.  Let’s go back to Thursday night.

As I headed to Jack’s, it started pouring rain.  Visibility was no so good (especially when you need glasses as much as I do!) for most of the ride there.  It did turn to a drizzle as I was pulling up to the food store to pick up dinner supplies.

Rainy Boston skyline

To start, I finally cracked open the bottle of Riesling that Jack bought me in Vermont.  I had only one-ish glasses because it was WAY too sweet for me so I ended up dumping out the rest of the bottle.

We started with a salad.  I made it with Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, diced cucumbers, croutons, green olives, and pepperoncini peppers.  Dressing was Newman’s Own balsamic vinaigrette.

Jack also likes American cheese and pepperoni in his salad, so while I was cooking dinner I munched away on cheese, croutons, and pepperoni.  This did not really help my appetite because after dinner was done, I wasn’t hungry anymore!  Boooo!

I defrosted my sauce from last week and made whole wheat penne

and made chicken parm. topped with pepper jack and mozzarella cheese

Yesterday was my personal day so I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to sleep in, but of course I was up and finishing my laundry around 7!  For breakfast I made peanut butter french toast and had a glass of chocolate milk.  I can’t remember the last time I had chocolate milk and it was really good!

Then I drove up to the shopping outlets in Kittery, Maine.  See, for Christmas Jack bought me and AMAZING Cole Haan handbag.  It was big and chestnut brown and I LOVED IT.  One day, the brass rings that held the handle on fell off (which should not happen with such a fancy bag!).  I had to return it and get a credit because they didn’t have the style anymore 😦

Well, they just opened an outlet in Kittery so I drove up there to get a new summer bag.  SUCCESS!  I got a new bag and a wallet for half the price of the original bag.  I am such a bargain shopper and that means I can go back in the fall and buy another!  haha.  Don’t tell Jack because he will never give me his credit card to buy my own Christmas present again! 😉

On my way home I stopped at Panera Bread to do some reading and eat lunch.  I got the half salad and soup.

French Onion soup

Their new Fresh mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil Salad

DESCRIPTION: Vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh basil & onion marinated in balsamic vinaigrette then mixed with fresh mozzarella, field greens, romaine, Asiago croutons, salt & pepper and olive oil.

Omnivore’s Dilema is so interesting!  I have been reading it really  s l o w l y though because it is a lot of information (and every time I get the chance to read it I have to go back and refresh my memory about what I already read!).  Hopefully after the last 9 days, yes only 9!, of school I will be able to head to the beach or park and enjoy some outdoor reading time!

Last night I had dinner, outside, at Regina’s.  It was a warm night and I enjoyed just relaxing in the fresh air!

I had two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc with dinner

and Three slices of cheese pizza!


Well, it is about that time to pack up and head to Harpoon.  I have found that blogging the morning of a race really helps to calm my nerves/anxiousness.

“Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. Racing is where I get mine.”

– John Trautmann.

Wish me luck!



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